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Developing Advanced Competencies in Human Resources Management

By: McTimothy Associates Consulting LLC  

Rivers State, Nigeria

08 - 10 Jun, 2022  3 days

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NGN 245,000

Venue: Aldgate Hotel: 22, King Perekule Street GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt Rivers State.

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Forward-thinking global organizations understand the links between Strategic Human Capital Advantage and organizational performance. Organizations today face many challenges in the management of their human resources. Monthly reports for most organization cover issues and trends faced by HR professionals on Attrition level, frauds, organizational re-engineering, abscondment, restructuring, outsourcing, workforce diversity and downsizing among others.

The programme will raise the proficiency levels of Senior HR specialists. After the programme ends, it will deepen the knowledge of the HR specialists of how their organization’s business runs and they can help with their skills in deploying human resources services to various departments, including:

  • Employment and deployment considerations
  • Competency development and productivity improvement
  • Employee engagement and career advancement
  • Remunerations and welfare
  • Statutory compliance.

As line managers deserve to have a fair knowledge of how Human Resources are best managed for enterprise, the participants in this course will also learn how to speak the line managers language to complement HR services.

Key Course Coverage

Day One

HR in the C-Suite Shoes

  • Customer-triggered Business Continuity
  • Competition-triggered Business Continuity
  • Technology-triggered Business Continuity
  • Finance-triggered Business Continuity
  • Government-triggered Business Continuity

The Changing Roles of HR Specialist as a Business Partner

  • Human Resources Professional in the Changing Work Environment
  • The Strategy Partner
  • The Change Agent
  • The Administrative Expert
  • The Employee Champion.

Manpower Planning and Talent Management

  • Objectives of a manpower plan
  • Major issues in manpower planning
  • Advantages of manpower planning
  • The manpower planning process
  • Limiting factors
  • The changing career paradigms

Day Two

Recruitment and Selection

  • Evaluate recruiting methods and their effectiveness
  • How the right people are attracted
  • Recognizing biases in interview process and ways to eliminate them
  • Filling vacant positions in a timely manner
  • Attaining the lowest possible cost.


  • Attaching clear job descriptions to positions
  • Posting employees to responsibility areas
  • Movements and transfers
  • Structured reporting relationships
  • Grades that represent levels of authority and seniority.

Training and Development

  • How to assess and determine training needs
  • On-the-job and Off-the-job training strategies
  • How Training Curriculum and Plans are developed
  • How Training Budget is set
  • How the quality of a training programme is evaluated
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Special induction programme for new employees.
  • Aligning Core values and Organizational Culture

Day Three

Performance Management

  • Line managers and HR defining performance requirements and metrics
  • Establishment of a common understanding of priorities
  • Cascading goals so that employees can see how their work supports the corporate goals
  • Regular measurement of employee performance and Feedback.

Reward Management

  • Ling employee performance to the reward system
  • A total compensation structure that is market competitive
  • Compensation mix of salary and benefits
  • A pay-for-performance philosophy
  • Other recognitions and rewards
  • Procedures for salary reviews.

Talent Management

  • Employees career plans
  • Defining and managing employee competencies
  • How Competency Models are developed
  • Identifying, assessing, and developing leadership talent
  • Identifying gaps and bridging them
  • Employee Retention programmes for strong leadership talents.

Payroll Management, Compensation and Benefits Administration

  • Types of payroll
    • Daily payment, weekly, monthly, contractual, beneficialHow to prepare a payroll
  • Calculating a payroll
  • The Amortization of Payroll – (for upfront payments)
  • Payroll Deductions – (including statutory Taxes, pensions and medical insurance)
    • Dos and Don’t with Payroll

Nigerian Labour Law

  • Employment contract
  • Employee representation and industrial relations
  • Termination/dismissal
  • Maternity and family leave rights

Employee Welfare

  • Types of welfare needed to achieve business strategy
  • Handling of day to day staff welfare and contractual issues
  • Internal grievance tracking and management, arbitration procedures, etc.
  • Workplace Conflict Management

Working for the Future

  • Succession Planning
  • Quantifying HR functions for corporate decisions. (What’s in Metrics)
  • Understanding HR Metrics and Analytics
Aldgate Hotel: 22, King Perekule Street GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt Rivers State. Jun 08 - 10 Jun, 2022
NGN 245,000.00
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Patience 07034854045; 09080022449; 08058805333

5% Group Discount for 3-5 participants, or 10% Group Discount for 6 and above participants

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