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Training on Project Management, Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing

By: Devimpact Institute


12 - 23 Aug, 2024  12 days

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USD 1,900

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Other Dates

Venue Date Fee  
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 09 - 20 Sep, 2024 USD1900
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 07 - 18 Oct, 2024 USD1900
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 04 - 15 Nov, 2024 USD1900
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 02 - 13 Dec, 2024 USD1900

The ability of development partners to implement their project interventions is dependent on their access to donor funding. Access to these funds requires submission of proposals for consideration by the potential donors. Once funds are secured, Project management helps to effectively deliver quality projects within the cost, time, and scope constraints.

This course aims to equip participants with skills in writing and presenting effective and successful proposals and the skills to ensure that projects are completed on time, within the budget and according to expectations. Participants will gain a strong working knowledge of project management, resource mobilization and proposal writing and be able to immediately use that knowledge to effectively mobilize for resources and manage projects.

Target Participants

This course is aimed at managers, program/project coordinators and project staff who want to increase their resource mobilization and project management skills and apply a
formalized and standards-based approach to resource mobilization and project management.

Course Duration

Online    14 Days

Classroom-based     10 Days

What you will learn

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand different ways of resource mobilization.
  • Understand the principles of project development and proposal writing.
  • Organize the different components of a proposal in a logical flow.
  • Write an effective proposal according to donor’s requirements and guidelines.
  • Use M&E frameworks in project design when developing a proposal.
  • Initiate a project.
  • Develop project schedules.
  • Plan, monitor and control project quality, staffing, and communications.
  • Analyze project risks.
  • Monitor and control project work.
  • Monitor and control project schedule and costs.
  • Write good quality reports tailored to a target audience.

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Project Management

  • Defining projects
  • Overview of project management
  • The triple constraints in project management
  • Functions of a project Manager
  • The Project lifecycle

Project Identification and Design

  • Context analysis
  • Needs analysis.
  • Design of project intervention
  • Development of project proposal
  • Project appraisal

Project Set Up and Planning Phase

  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Project implementation plan
  • Project management and governance structure
  • Risk management plan
  • M&E plan
  • Project financial plan

Project Scope Management

  • What is project scope?
  • Project and product scope
  • Use of work breakdown structure in scope definition
  • Scope creep

Project Time Management

  • Activity definition and sequencing
  • Activity duration estimating
  • Activity resource estimation
  • Schedule development
  • Optimizing schedule
  • Schedule control

Project Resources Management

  • Why is managing resources important?
  • Managing project finances; budgeting, cost estimation, cost baseline, monitoring budgets and expenditures
  • Project earned value analysis.
  • Managing the supply chain
  • Human resources management

Project Implementation

  • Launching the project
  • Managing project Implementation
  • RACI matrix
  • Project tracking and adjustment
  • Managing issues and risks

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitoring strategies
  • Data collection for monitoring
  • Tools for monitoring and performance measurement
  • Change and schedule control.

End-of-Project Transition Phase

  • Types of transitions
  • Planning for closure
  • Administrative and financial closure
  • Project learning
  • Evaluation

Project risk management

  • Risk management planning
  • Risk identification
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk response planning and implementing
  • Controlling project risks

Project leadership and stakeholder management

  • Understanding leadership and management
  • Working in project teams
  • The team development cycle
  • Keys to effective influence and persuasion
  • Improving communication, delegation, and motivating Skills
  • Managing stakeholders and stakeholder expectations

Introduction to Resource Mobilization

  • Resource mobilization principles and practices
  • Resource mobilization approaches
  • Resource mobilization cycle
  • Searching for funding opportunities
  • Current funding environment for non-profit organizations
  • Strategic planning and resource mobilization

Resource Mobilization Strategy

  • Conducting a resource mobilization situation analysis
  • Determining resource requirements and funding gaps
  • Identifying sources of resources-donor and partner assessment and mapping
  • Determining resource mobilization strategies
  • Developing a resource mobilization action plan
  • Enhancing donor partnerships and managing donor relations
  • Putting together a resource mobilization strategy

Introduction to Proposal Writing

  • Proposal writing in resource mobilization.
  • Understanding donors’ requirements
  • Donor proposal formats and guidelines
  • Project development and proposal writing
  • Concept note, proposal, and pitch deck
  • Components of a funding proposal

Writing a Proposal: Introduction/background

  • Context of the project
  • Situation analysis
  • Target beneficiaries

Writing a Proposal: Problem statement

  • Description of the specific problem
  • Target group affected by the problem.
  • Needs of the target group
  • Consequences of the problem on the target group
  • Use of cause-and-effect approach

Writing a Proposal: Project Justification/Rationale

  • Descriptions of how the proposed project will solve the problem stated.
  • Explanation of why the project is required.
  • Explanation of how the project relates with other interventions.
  • Alignment of the project with the countries and donor’s priority areas

Writing a Proposal: Project Design

  • Project theory of change
  • Design of project results using causal pathway
  • Project activities; outputs and activities matrix
  • Design of the logical framework
  • Performance measurement framework

Writing a Proposal: Implementation Strategies

  • Sub-tasks in activities
  • Activities implementation approaches
  • The 4 Ws in activity implementation

Writing a Proposal: Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitoring plan
  • Evaluation plan

Writing a Proposal: Risk Management

  • Risk matrix
  • Risk response plan

Writing a Proposal: Project Management

  • Project organogram
  • Project coordination
  • Partners responsibilities

Writing a Proposal: Cross Cutting Issues in Proposal Writing

  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Governance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Human rights

Writing a Proposal: Work Plan

  • Activity durations
  • Predecessor successor relationships
  • Developing a Gantt chart

Writing a Proposal: Organization Capacity 

  • Organization profile
  • Organization capacity
  • Relevant experience

Writing a Proposal: Budget Development

  • Detailed budget
  • Cost sharing
  • Summary budget

Submitting the Proposal

  • Funding agency forms
  • Packaging, politicking, and refunding.
  • Submission, traditional and online
  • Tips for final checks

Proposal Review

  • Proposal review criteria
  • Proposal review process
  • Grant agreement

Proposal and Report Writing Best practices.

  • Common mistakes during proposal writing
  • Tips for successful proposal writing
  • Case studies of successful proposals

Training Approach

This course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in their respective fields of practice. The course is taught through a mix of
practical activities, theory, group works and case studies.
Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued a certificate.

Tailor-Made Course

We can also do this as a tailor-made course to meet organization-wide training needs. A training needs assessment will be done on the training participants to collect data on the
existing skills, knowledge gaps, training expectations and tailor-made needs.

Nairobi, Kenya Aug 12 - 23 Aug, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 09 - 20 Sep, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 07 - 18 Oct, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 04 - 15 Nov, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya 02 - 13 Dec, 2024

Registration: 08:00:am - 04:00:am

USD 1,900.00 + 95.00 (VAT)(Classroom-based)
USD 1,200.00 + 60.00 (VAT)(Online)
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Devimpact Institute +254714349537

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