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Enterprise Risk Management Course

By: Francis Consulting

State, Nigeria

14 - 17 Oct, 2024  4 days

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NGN 365,000

Venue: Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja

Organizations are experiencing an increased concern and focus on risk management. The challenge for management of both private and public organizations today is to determine how much uncertainty to accept as it strives towards achieving the organization’s objectives and delivering value to its stakeholders. The solution to this challenge is to establishment of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system and processes that effectively identify, assess, and manage risk within acceptable levels.

The COSO Enterprise Risk Management Integrated Framework is designed to provide best practice guidance for management of businesses and other entities to improve the way they are dealing with these challenges.

COSO-ERM integrates various risk management concepts into a solid framework in which a common definition is established, components are identified, and key concepts described. This enables COSO to provide a starting point for organizations to assess and enhance their Enterprise Risk Management.

Who should attend?

The practical hands-on training course is designed for managers, professionals, consultants, internal and external auditors that deal with the complexities of organizational risk management function on a daily basis.

Course Objectives

The objective to provide you with the necessary perception, knowledge and skill set to understand the risks and benefits of Enterprise Risk Management and learn how to COSO-ERM framework enables organization and management to:

  • Comply with the requirement for corporate governance (such as the various international standards like the Cadbury Report)
  • Align risk appetite and strategy
  • Enhance risk response decisions
  • Reduce operational surprise and losses
  • Identify and manage multiple and cross organizational risks
  • Provide integrated responses to multiple risks
  • Improve the deployment of capital.

Additionally to provide you with an understanding of the requirements needed to design and implement an appropriate Enterprise Risk Management System, i.e. policies, procedures, practices, and accountability required to establish the right levels of Risk Managements for your organizations.

The course provide an opportunity for you to benchmark your ERM practices against the COSO- ERM framework, and learn how to implement an effective ERM system.

  • An introduction to ERM
  • ERM and the role of internal Audit
  • Operational Auditing for ERM
  • ERM Solution implementation Examples
  • ERM in the Banking Industry
  • Concluding case Studies
Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja Oct 14 - 17 Oct, 2024
NGN 365,000.00
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Dr Francis Okereke +2348035062583

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