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Pricing and Cost of Service Measurement for Electric Utility Companies



09 - 11 Jul, 2013  3 days

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Benefits of This Course: Comprehensive overview of marginal and embedded cost of service and rate design, Difference in approaches to measuring cost of service for generation, transmission and distribution, Discussion of revenue requirements, cost of service and rate design. Cost of service perspective and arguments made by household and business consumers, Economic, equity and other rationale for marginal cost versus embedded cost rate design, Practical hands-on exercises in computing rate design, cost of service and revenue requirements. Understanding perspective of different parties in the process, Case studies on alternative policy frameworks in pricing electricity, Detailed discussion of computing coincident and non-coincident peak demand, capacity cost, uncollectible accounts, customer charges, inverted block rates and cost of capital. Computation of supply curves, hourly marginal cost, capacity costs and demand elasticity for generation of electricity.

Paris, France Jul 09 - 11 Jul, 2013