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Give your business and events a boost! Upgrade to Premium or Value Listing. Upgrading will allow your business to benefit from the many advantages of a Premium Listing, which are: -
  • Your listing can display a Google Map, which will allow your users to easily find your business
  • Your listing will be displayed at the top of the homepage search results page, which provides more exposure to users and the search engines
  • Your listing will be highlighted in the search results page, making it stand out from the competition
  • Your listing will be displayed with special HTML tags (H2 headings) which will provide more exposure to Google and the other search engines.
  • Your listing will display your brand image / company logo.

Business Listing Plans

Benefits Basic Listing Value Listing Premium Listing
Free business listing
Dedicated business page with images / logo
Number of Courses to display 50 100 150
Appear as featured business on homepage and mail shots
Courses to feature in weekly mail shots
Image/logo to show on courses/business listing
Listing in quarterly guide
Premium event per month with subscription 1 2
Acess to webpay aggregator to receive payment
Courses appear on top of category pages
More courses by this provider on event detail page
Top place listing in on-site event search
Top place listing in on-site business search
Custom Images for courses
Cost of Plan / Year ₦ 100,000
₦ 200,000
₦ 300,000
Quarterly and Biannual plans now available.
Extra Premium Course listing is NGN 10,000 per course per month and is only available for existing premium, value and basic listing subscribers. Additional course listing for subscribers beyond the subscription limit is available at NGN1,000 per additional course upload.

GRACE PERIOD - Please note that the grace period for renewal for annual subscription is 14 days, for biannual subscription 7 days, and for quarterly subscription 3 days.