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Procurement Strategy for the Oil and Gas Industry



09 - 12 Sep, 2013  4 days

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This 4-day course is designed to introduce both lawyers and non-lawyers alike to the understanding of how Procurement Strategy for the Oil & Gas Industry actually works. This course is delivered by combining a substantive legal understanding together with a practitioner's perspective. Objectives The objectives of the conference will be to
provide a practical understanding, Provide an understanding of the tendering and contracting process, Provide an understanding of techniques to avoid collusion or corruption during the tendering process, Develop an understanding of ways to select bidders.  Show how to develop Invitations to Tender, and how to manage the tendering process, Understand and manage the negotiation process, Who should attend, Tender or Bidding Managers, Contract Administrators, Contracting Unit Supervisors,  Project Engineers and Project Managers,  Business Audit Officers, Contract Strategists, General Managers involved in developing contracts or contract negotiation.

Singapore, Singapore Sep 09 - 12 Sep, 2013


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