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Effective Public Debt Management (2013)

By: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)


25 Mar - 03 May, 2013  2 month, 9 days

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Effective debt management is essential for economic development. Building strong debt management institutions, developing clearly defined procedures and creating the capacity for rigorous analysis can help countries to manage risks effectively, minimizing the cost of borrowing and ensuring a sustainable debt position into the future. Strong debt management can also encourage aid effectiveness. Accountability and governance can be increased by integrating public financial management and debt management under a comprehensive legal environment. This course provides an overview of public debt management by explaining concepts in a user-friendly language, avoiding mathematics and using simple illustrations and country examples. The objective of the course is to explain in layman's language -- based on UNITAR's considerable past experience and prior trainings -- concepts and techniques of public debt management. Besides overall concepts, this course will provide in-depth understanding of debt sustainability issues, an appreciation of public debt management in the budgetary context, explain facets of external and domestic public borrowings, and introduce participants to the meaning and implication of contingent liability and risk management. Successful completion of the course should equip the participants with conceptual clarity and basic skills leading to improved public debt management practices.

ONLINE Mar 25 - 03 May, 2013