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Reservoir Modeling


United Arab Emirates

27 - 31 Oct, 2013  5 days

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This short course is intended for all engineers engaged in the oil and gas industry, in particular for those engineers involved with reservoir modeling.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course provides an overview of the frequently used tools in the petroleum industry to quantify the reserves using different oil and gas reservoir modeling. It is recommended to conduct a material balance evaluation prior to a simulation study. The results should be integrated into a 3D model for a better simulation. The Monte Carlo simulation was used to compute oil and gas using petrophysical parameters, which always involve a magnitude of uncertainty and, as such should be treated as random variables with distinct probability distributions.

 CONTENT *Model Types: 1-D (Buckley Leverett), 2-D (cylindrical coordenates) and 3-D.*Field Examples.*Analytical Methods *Havlena-Odeh Methodology. *Black-Oil Reservoirs:Solution-gas-drive, Gas-cap-drive, Water-drive. *Aquifer Models: Pot, Schilthus & Felkovitch. *Gas Reservoirs: Water Influx, No-Water Influx.*Material Balance: History Matching, Analytical Method, Graphical Method, Drive mechanisms.*Voidage Calculations.*Material Balance Field Examples.* Monte Carlo Simulation: PDF&CDF.*Simulation Models: Black-oil, Compositional & Dual Porosity.* Material Balance Compared to Reservoir Simulation. *PVT compositional model. Intended for Reservoir Engineers, Simulation Engineers, Reservoir Study Leaders, Geologists and Geophysicists.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Oct 27 - 31 Oct, 2013