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Project Planning and Appraisal Workshop EMP 015


Lagos State, Nigeria

23 - 27 Jun, 2014  5 days

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When project ideas are chosen for further enlargement and the key design variables are selected for further development, decisions made at this initial point can have fundamental consequences for the project’s success. For instance, some decisions are likely to be irreversible no matter how thorough the appraisal process is, and sometimes they may largely determine the quality of the project and its developmental impact. This is especially true of choices relating to the technological and institutional dimensions of projects. Hence, the analysis of project proposals calls for the exercise of judgment and creative thinking. Project analysis involves the appraisal of project feasibility, performance and its continuity.

 The elements of analysis include technical, economic, financial, commercial, social and environmental analyses. These analyses are integrated in order to obtain the maximum net benefit of any project. In appraising projects, the analysis has to be very critical and its primary concern should be to highlight major problem areas after thorough examination of key assumptions, estimates and predictions. Once the technical possibility of the project has been established, the overall viability of the project will depend on its objective. The major flaws of project planning and management in Nigeria have been identified to include poor costing, unrealistic scheduling of activities, inability to evaluate the recurrent cost implications of projects, ineffective monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, bureaucratic bottlenecks and excessive political interference. This workshop intends to address these issues.


CMD Training Complex, Shangisha, Lagos Jun 23 - 27 Jun, 2014
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