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Budgeting, Financial Strategy and Driving Business Value

By: Euromoney Financial Training

South Africa

17 - 19 Mar, 2014  3 days

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How much more could your company be worth and how can you help to achieve this? Companies often have enormous potential to increase the intrinsic value of their businesses – and this may often be much greater than management believes or expects. Achieving consistently superior value growth is arguably what distinguishes great companies from all others.
Driving business value as a principle is not new and yet many businesses have failed to grasp that it is something that can be explicitly managed. The process of driving business value, or ‘Managing for Value’, shows how to link long-term goals expressed in the financial strategy with day-to-day management tools, like budgeting. As a process, it requires a fresh look at what each business and function can and should do to unlock new sources of value growth.

This comprehensive 3–day course is designed to help delegates to:

  • Understand the key challenges in financial strategy, budgeting and driving business value
  • Understand the critically important and often ignored linkages between financial strategy, budgeting and business value
  • Develop a value plan framework and link it to the strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs) in the budget
  • Develop a master budget and calculate financial KPIs relating to conventional profitability criteria and value creating economic profit criteria
  • Understand revenue budgeting and the importance of variance analysis
  • Understand capital budgeting and the techniques associated with it
  • How to apply capital budgeting techniques in financial strategy analysis
  • Apply the principles of economic profit analysis or alternative value-performance related measures
  • Understand the importance of non financial budgetary indicators and related frameworks, like the balanced scorecard
  • Understand value based management and the principles of managing for value
Johannesburg,South Africa Mar 17 - 19 Mar, 2014
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