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Strategic Planning & Effective Budgeting & Cost Control

By: Euromoney Financial Training


18 - 21 Aug, 2014  4 days

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A 4-day intensive and hands-on training workshop that will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of current topics.

  • Introduction to planning and control
  • Budgeting overview
  • Behavioural aspects of budgeting
  • Understanding cost behaviour
  • Flexible budgets and standard cost systems
  • Developing an annual/master budget
  • Conceptual aspects of budgeting
  • Resource allocation
  • Activity-based management and activity-based costing
  • Cost control
  • Measuring and evaluating performance
Who should attend?
  • Those with management experience in industry or public practice
  • Those with management responsibility in finance, operations or planning
  • Those with experience in finance, operations or accounting
  • Owners, CFOs, controllers, financial officers and budget managers
  • Accountants and internal auditors in middle and upper management positions as wel as public practitioners responsible for the any of the following areas: planning, budgeting, performance, productivity and profitability of their organizations
What this course will enable you to do:
  • Acquire best practices in budgeting
  • Understand the strategic role of cost concepts
  • Explain the costs concepts to the use of cost information for management control
  • Describe the role of budgets in the management process
  • Discuss the importance of strategy and its role in the master budget
  • Prepare a master budget and explain the interrelationships among its supporting schedule
  • Understand zero-base, activitybased, and kaizen approaches to budgeting
  • Explain the essence of control systems
  • Develop flexible budgets for evaluating short-term financial performance
  • Identify different cost control measures
  • Measure and evaluate performance
Today, the human mind is often absorbed in so much data, that it has difficulty processing the multitude of facts and relationships simultaneously and sometimes forgets important elements. Thus, as plans become more and more intricate, they should be documented in writing and include qualitative narratives of goals, objectives, and means of accomplishing the objectives.
This course will allow the participant to explore and share with other participants new thoughts in the planning, control, and budgeting cycle, resulting in a renewed energy in returning to the workplace and implementing a more focused budgeting process, which communicates useful and timely information to management.

The course will provide a framework for each topic covered, and then will make extensive use of exercises and case studies.
  • Live group instruction
  • Detailed practical examples
  • Use of case studies and real world examples
  • Interactive participation
  • All participants receive a comprehensive binder containing copies of the presentation slides, handouts and other course materials
Nairobi, Kenya Aug 18 - 21 Aug, 2014
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