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Executive Development Programme

By: SPC Patterns Consulting


30 Nov - 07 Dec, 2014  8 days

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USD 3,500

 The responsibilities of senior managers include strategic leadership and fiscal accountability on the one hand and epitomising the values of the organization and being a source of inspiration on the other hand. Additionally emerging leaders also need the wisdom to effectively leverage the aura and voltage generated by their very presence.  

The view from “30,000 feet” This analogy describes just how “removed” the executive suite might be from the core activities of the organization. Interestingly, this “height” offers the best “view” of the organization. Senior managers however require superior, polished and sophisticated competencies to effectively observe, evaluate and resolve major organizational issues from 30,000 feet,

Key high level leadership questions:  

  • Which interior conditions within yourself should you change in order to be able to reshape your vision?
  • Why is behaviour control becoming ineffective and what innovative actions can support the creation of new value going forward?
  • What will be the most demanding leadership challenges for you over the next 5 years and what steps can you take to stay ahead of the curve?
  • What holistic measures will you put in place to promote greater accountability?
  • How will you lead change and what principles will you advocate to ensure that your organization salutes the change?
  • What are the potential consequences of going against the established order and how can you protect yourself and your vision?

On this programme, those eager to a make giant strides will confront the most difficult questions facing their organization’s development. These questions will inevitably lead to a better understanding and clearer definitions of the problems that need to be engaged.

What You Will Learn and Experience

 Learning goes beyond taking notes while trying to listen to a lecture. It entails engaging all the senses, having fun as well as taking time to appreciate the local culture to reflect and refresh. Each session is a “DIALOGUE” to facilitate change within your internal conversation and provide the mechanism for personal and organizational growth. 

How will you feel after the EDP?

Refreshed, More Focused and  Ready!!                    


Istanbul, Turkey Nov 30 - 07 Dec, 2014
USD 3500 ((This Fee Covers Economy Class Return Ticket, Tuition, Course materials, Tea/Lunch during programme hours))
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