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Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence


United Kingdom

02 - 06 Feb, 2015  5 days

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Understanding how to manage your own feelings and actions requires emotional intelligence. Learning how to read the true motives behind conflict can be good for your career, as can feeling in control of your behaviour choices both when things are going well and during conflict.

This course will teach delegates to go beyond surface behaviour to identify the motivation behind behaviour. It becomes easier to accept a person’s actions when you understand what drives you from within.

Who Should Attend?

All managers and professionals seeking to develop or upgrade their management and leadership skills, particularly those who are aspiring to senior management positions.

Course Outcomes

 Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Utilise essential skills to resolve conflict early

  • Employ increased emotional intelligence skills

  • Assess challenges and obstacles to performance management

  • Gain a better understanding of different personal conflict styles

  • Identify solutions to prevent conflict

  • Identify the dynamics in interpersonal relationships and what happens in conflict situations

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

  • Explore behaviour modification

London, UK Feb 02 - 06 Feb, 2015
£2,450 (for one week), £4,000 (for two weeks)
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