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International Trade and Academic Research Conference (ITARC), 2015

By: ABRMR - Academy of Business and Retail Management

United Kingdom

09 - 10 Nov, 2015  2 day

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The dynamics of international trade have taken on an added significance in the light of the ramifications of the 2008 global financial crisis. Entire sectors and even nations have begun to reassess their trading relationships and the more enlightened are eager to gain an insight into the theories and processes that have helped certain economies to weather the storm. The emerging giants of Brazil, China and India are demanding greater attention and ensuring that practitioners and academics alike invest more time and resources in understanding where their economies are at and how they will shape future of relationships. As if proof were needed of this, one of the most significant events of 2014 was when the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd (ECGC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Co-operation with BRICS countries Export Credit Insurance Agencies (ECA) in the presence of Heads of Governments from BRICS Summit in Fortaleza, Brazil. 

The five export credit agencies of BRICS countries namely the ABGF (Brazilian Fund and Guarantee Management Agency), EXIAR (Export Insurance Agency of Russia), ECGC (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd), SINOSURE (China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation) and ECIC (Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa Ltd) are all state owned agencies and Members of the Association of International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers which is also known as the Berne Union and the Prague Club. Whilst the rate of globalization appears to continue apace, there is a growing realization that somewhere along the line there is a price to pay. Geo-political uncertainties coupled with technological change have transformed the trading landscape to such a degree that for all the apparent liberalization there is increased evidence of the construction of trading blocks, some of which appear intent on fostering a ‘new protectionism’.

This academic conference is intended to contribute to the emerging theoretical understanding and empirical base and to further advance the understanding and practice of business especially international trade and management. We welcome empirical and theoretical papers which advance our knowledge of these important areas. ITARC will be the platform for dissemination of knowledge, provide a learned reference in the field and facilitate communication between academic, research experts, business leaders and practitioners. The following list is indicative of the types of contributions which may be appropriate. However, it is not intended to be exhaustive and rather is illustrative. 

Benefits of Attending

  • A fabulous opportunity to interact with fellow academics
  • An opportunity to see firsthand something of one of the fastest growing economies
  • Academics will be able to enhance their research skills
  • A chance to present your paper and have it appraised and discussed by fellow academic
  • Conference attendee voting will determine recipients of conference Best Paper awards which will be considered for our journal publication
  • Those who attend will automatically get go on to the priority booking for future conferences
  • Attendees will be eligible for an automatic 10% reduction on our next conference.
Holiday Inn, Regents Park, Carburton Street, London W1W 5EE Nov 09 - 10 Nov, 2015
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