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Strategic Leadership for Change Management Workshop - INT 009

By: Centre for Management Development

United Kingdom

07 - 11 Dec, 2015  5 days

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USD 5,000

Dynamic global competition and national development reality are creating a revolution in the way successful organizations and their leaders do business. Strategic leaderships based on empowering rather than overpowering is the way peak performing organizations deliver their service, win the hearts and minds of their people and maximize their contribution to national development. Enterprising leaders, especially those holding decision making posts in private and public sector, including federal and state government ministries, departments, agencies, Parastatals, will be required to tackle significant challenges in today’s testing and democratic times.

Against a backdrop of the need for new breed of leaders that are aware of the necessary fiscal restraint, performance improvement ethos and global opportunities. Leaders need to drive their organizations through strategic direction that takes account of international best practice. They need to be able to grow international partnership that will propel their organization to the next level of growth. With the maturing democratic systems and the emergence of new breed of leaders in Nigeria, the expectations from organizational leadership are fast changing. Because change in public sector is inevitable, leaders clinging to old ways of leadership and management will not continue to prosper for long. Unfortunately, people and organizations change slowly, usually with great resistance and often with considerable pain.

Therefore in response to this and the need to grow the knowledge capital of the emerging leaders in Nigeria, the Centre for Management Development, Nigeria and Knowledge Factory International, United Kingdom are collaborating with international organizations to enhance the capacity of our public sector leaders and provide them the opportunity to learn what other international organizations are doing to implement change, enable good governance, improve their performance, deliver on results and derive maximum service delivery impact for their stakeholders.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop the right leadership emotional intelligence
  • Identify the leadership challenges in the 21st century
  • Identify the strategic issues within the ongoing reforms in public sector
  • Set strategic direction based on target driven benchmark and key performance indicators for the achievement of vision 20-20-20 and the government agenda;
  • Operate successfully at the nexus of politics and administration within the Nigeria's government systems in the 21st century
  • Analyze and manage complex and intractable
  • Policy issues relating to change management
  • Deal strategically with various forms of contingency, crisis and change in and around their organizations
  • Develop political savvy to identify and meet the needs of stakeholders within the reforms agenda
RIPA International London, UK Dec 07 - 11 Dec, 2015
USD 5000 (+ VAT)
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