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Phylogenetics Workshop

By: Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria


08 - 11 Dec, 2015  4 days

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USD 300

The aim of this introductory workshop is to give a basic understanding of various phylogenetic techniques and to cover the steps required from checking a sequence to constructing a tree. It does not aim to cover absolutely everything there is “to know” or every piece of phylogenetic software ever written. The format is a mixture of presentations, exercises and discussions

Topics to be covered include

General Principles

  • Tree terminology
  • Characters and character states
  • Patterns in molecular datasets, including codon position/usage
  • Heterogeneity, saturation etc

Chromatograms and Base Calling

Consensus Sequences

Multiple Sequence Alignment

  • Comparison of different algorithms

Data Mining

  • BLAST searches
  • Sequence choice

Distance Analysis

  • Calculating a distance matrix
  • Confidence in groupings, i.e. bootstrapping

Maximum Parsimony

Synapomorphy, monophyly etc

Presentation of Trees

Seminar Room, Noguchi, Ghana Dec 08 - 11 Dec, 2015
USD 300.00
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