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Strategic Public Relations and Travel and Protocol Management

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute


13 - 24 Mar, 2017  12 days

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GBP 10,000

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be able to:

  • Define public relations
  • Learn how public opinion is influenced through public relations
  • Explain public relations in from the context of management and the public
  • Determine how to reach out with the public through public relations
  • Identify the functions of public relation
  • Explain the concept of the curse of “spin”
  • Enumerate the requirements for public relations work
  • Describe the purposes of communication as an integral aspect of public relations
  • Differentiate traditional and contemporary theories of communication
  • Examine the integral components of communication, e.g., word, message, receiver’s bias and feed back to develop a sound public relations strategy
  • Explain the underlying concept of public opinion and its relevance to public relations
  • Define attitudes and its relations to public relations
  • Determine the ways as to how are attitudes influenced
  • Ascertain how to motivate the public by taking into consideration different attitudes
  • Know the importance of persuasion in the aspect of public relations
  • Suggest ways to influence public opinion
  • Develop ways to enhance corporate image
  • Learn how to maintain and manage the organisation’s reputation
  • Follow the management process of public relations
  • Identify what need be reported to top management relative to the implementation of public relations
  • Conceptualise a public relations plan
  • Develop a public relations plan
  • Activate the public relations plan
  • Set public relations objectives
  • Learn the techniques in allocating budget for public relations
  • Implement public relations programs
  • Be familiar with the public relations department
  • know the role of the public relations agency
  • Learn the techniques of managing an organisation’s reputation
  • Identify the tasks involve in public relations
  • Determine the payment for the tasks performed
  • Explain how public relations deal with women and minorities
  • Understand the role of research in public relations
  • Identify what constitute research
  • Explain the principles for public relations research
  • Specify the types of public relations research
  • Enumerate the methods of public relations research
  • Conduct surveys
  • Determine correct sample size
  • Draft the appropriate questionnaire for research
  • Conduct interviews
  • Analyse results of surveys
  • Determine how communications audit is performed
  • Evaluate the result of the survey
  • Measure public relations outcomes
  • Make research via the internet to gather additional information for public relations research
  • Make use of outside research help.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Mar 13 - 24 Mar, 2017
GBP 10,000.00(Contact us for quote)
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