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Strategic Analysis, Strategic and Retail Procurement Management, Supply Chain and Risk Management: Towards an Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Course

By: HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute

United Kingdom

20 - 24 Mar, 2017  5 days

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GBP 4,000

Participant will understand the following at the end of strategic procurement and supply chain management course

  • Strategic Procurement; 
  • The Concept of Strategy; 
  • The Mission Statement; 
  • Levels of Strategy; 
  • Category Management; 
  • Strategic Management; 
  • Strategic Analysis; 
  • Strategic Development; 
  • Strategic Implementation; 
  • Objectives for Purchasing; 
  • Strategies and Their Scope; 
  • Selecting a Strategy; 
  • Effective Supply and Market Strategy; 
  • Purchasing and Supply in the Different Types of Organization; 
  • Organisation of the Activity; 
  • Purchasing In the Organisation Structure; 
  • Purchasing Devolution; 
  • The Supply Chain; 
  • Improving Efficiency of the Supply Chain; 
  • Type of Supply Chain; 
  • Strategic Development of Purchasing.

Retail Procurement and Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)  

  • Retailing; 
  • Retailing Research; 
  • Supply Chains In Retailing; 
  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS); 
  • Merchandise Planning; 
  • Stock Analysis And Sales Analysis; 
  • Brands; 
  • Supplier Selection; 
  • Developments In The Retail Sector; 
  • Efficient Consumer Response.

Risk Management in the Supply Chain

The Vulnerability of Supply Chain 

  • A Focus on Efficiency rather than Effectiveness; 
  • The Globalisation of Supply Chains; 
  • Focused Factories and Centralised Distribution; 
  • The Trend to Outsourcing; 
  • Reduction of the Supplier Base.

Supply Chain Risk Profile 

  • Supply Chain Risk; 
  • Demand Risk;  
  • Process Risk; 
  • Control Risk; 
  • Environment Risk; 
  • Sources of Risk in the Supply Chain;  
  • Risk Profile Mapping:
    • Prioritise Earnings Drivers;
    • Identify Critical Infrastructure;
    • Locate Vulnerabilities;
    • Model Scenarios;
    • Develop Responses;
    • Monitor the Risk Environment.

Managing Supply Chain Risk 

  • Understand the Supply Chain; 
  • Improve the Supply Chain; 
  • Identify the Critical Paths; 
  • Manage the Critical Paths; 
  • Improve Network Visibility; 
  • Establish a Supply Chain Continuity Team; 
  • Work with Suppliers and Customers.

Achieving Supply Chain Resilience 

  • Creating the Resilient Supply Chain; 
  • Stages of Excellence in Supply Chain Risk Management.
London, UK Mar 20 - 24 Mar, 2017
GBP 4,000.00
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