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Dynamic Management Workshop


South Africa

25 Jul - 29 May, 2016  2 month, 27 days

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USD 1,650

The reality in today’s work and business seems to be that things are not expected to work out according to plan. In other words, the goalpost keeps moving from its original position. And because most organizations have experienced this uncertainty, which control of budget continues to prove inadequate to contain, isn’t the right thing to do (so it seems) is to accept the situation as normal?

No, such disorderliness should not be embraced as natural and healthy for any business. There is always a way to manage under great uncertainty and complexity. Truth is that, it may break those rules you are so familiar with that you don't even know you believe them, but there is a way. By this way managers update goals and forecasts to reflect what is being learned, and keep plans up to date with the latest goals and forecasts. This is known as Dynamic Management: making better decisions (proactive management) in uncertain times.

This  training course explores the understanding, importance and use of dynamic management. It also explains change and the change process as it relates to causing uncertainty in work and business. By this, delegate learns and becomes equipped with knowledge of managing in uncertain times, updating and achieving goals more efficiently, and problem solving techniques. 

Mbombela Jul 25 - 29 May, 2016
USD 1,650.00
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