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Mastering Financial Statement Audit

By: CorpTrain Ghana™ Ltd


24 - 26 Aug, 2016  3 days

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USD 1,200

For internal auditors and managers who want to understand and expand their roles related to financial reporting, as well as those who simply need a “refresher” course on financial accounting concepts, this course is the ideal way to get up to speed. Beyond a basic accounting class, this course will enable participants to approach financial auditing with renewed confidence.

Taking on such topics as “common recipes for cooking the books,” and covering information flow from business process, to financial statement, and more, this course will help participants understand how key business processes relate to financial statements, as well as the impact of information technology on financial statements.

Course Outline

  • Accounting and Auditing Review
  • Define key accounting terms and understand accounting rules, equations, and basic principles.
  • Understand what journal entries are and demonstrate how they are used for accounting purposes.
  • Understand GAAP hierarchy and identify the rules, rule makers, and rule breakers.
  • Understand the financial auditing process and recall The IIA Practice Advisories associated with financial auditing.
  • Identify the basic COSO principles of internal control, including key controls and their characteristics.
  • Identify finance-related management assertions and learn how to utilize them in the audit process.
  • Financial Statements - An Overview
  • Identify financial statements.
  • Identify the purpose and use of a financial balance sheet.
  • Identify the purpose and use of income statements.
  • Understand how to properly review a balance sheet and income statement.
  • Business Processes and Accounting
  • Identify the difference between management and financial auditing.
  • Recall how vertical and horizontal analysis can be used in audits.
  • Understand revenue process activities and recall the types of revenue-related accounts and associated rules.
  • Understand the procurement process, including activities, types of accounts, and process rules.
  • Understand fixed assets, including fixed asset process activities, types of accounts, and process rules.
  • Identify types of revenue- and liability-related ratios.
  • Recall where to find useful FASB references.
  • Recipes for Cooking the Books
  • Identify the basic elements of an accounting scandal (fraud).
  • Identify the five most common financial “games.”
  • Understand the use of analytical procedures in fraud detection.
  • Identify application controls and how to integrate an application review into a financial audit.

Target Group

  • Internal Auditors
  • Risk Analysts
  • Credit Analysts
  • Loan officers
  • Credit Managers
CorpTrain Center, 58 Nsawam Road, Avenor Junction, Kokomlemle - Accra, Ghana Aug 24 - 26 Aug, 2016
USD 1,200.00
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