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Business Analytics for Professionals

By: Pragmatic Academt

Lagos State, Nigeria

22 Oct - 26 Nov, 2016  2 month, 5 days

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NGN 150,000


About the Course


Business Analytics for professionals is a comprehensive training programme for all professionals irrespective of their back ground. The course is designed with inputs from professionals with a wealth of experience in the analytics industry.

The six weeks immersion programme is designed to equip professionals with analytical tools and reasoning making them ready on how to use analytics to solve business problems with or without technical background.

Course Content


1. Introduction to Analytics

You get introduced to what is Business Analytics? How and where is it used? We walk through why is it important? And the future of business analytics from a job point of view.

2. Setting up the Analytics tools

We introduce you to the various Analytics platforms and tools that can be used to slove analytics problems. After which we provide you with the required tools that will be used through out the class.

3. Descriptive Statistics

We prepare the base in statistics over the next three sessions. In this session we discuss Population and Sample and it’s relevance. We then discuss various data summarizing techniques and measures

4. Data Preparation

Now that we’ ve set our Launchpad in KNIME/SAS and Statistics, let’s get prepared to deal with the nuances of data. As an analytics professional or as a SAS programmer, you would spend 90% of your time in cleaning and organizing your data. We discuss all the steps involved in doing so over here and prepare ourselves for predictive modeling. Also we understand the different types of variables and dealing with outliers, etc.

5. Retail Segmentation

We start working on real world projects from here. The first project is on segmenting customers in the retail industry and gain an understanding a popular method the RFM analysis

6. Model Comparison 

Now that we’ ve set our Launchpad in KNIME/SAS and Statistics, let’s now compare the results from programming and non programming approach we have used in building our models. As an analytics professional you do not need to be a programmer to build models.We discuss all the steps involved in programming and benchmark against visual programming doing so will help prepare ourselves  and gain confidence that we are on the right track.

7. Correlation & Simple Linear Regression

We work on the concepts of covariance and correlation. We enter into the world of predictive modelling with simple linear regression

8. Multiple Linear Regression

After this gentle introduction to linear regression, we will proceed to using multiple linear regression for prediction.

9. Predictive Modeling with Logistic Regression I

We answer the question on what happens if we have categorical dependent variables. We get introduced to the concept of Logistic Regression. We work on a real life Bank data

10. Predictive Modeling with Logistic Regression II

How to go about un-supervised learning. Here we discuss and important data mining technique, the cluster analysis. We start the session with a discussion and application of hierarchical clustering model and then move into non-hierarchical clustering model

12. Market Basket Analysis

Ever wondered why a retail store places the counter of soft-drinks beside wafers? Or how do companies decide upon bundled products and pricing? That’s what this session is all about, understanding customer behaviour and making informed decisions. We work on a real life Grocery store data for this session.

13. Project Discussion on Churn Modeling

Ok, now that you are equipped with the various modeling techniques, we now discuss the CHURN Modeling project assignment and finally, conclude the course with a round of Q&A

14. Project Assessment & Certification

inally we will assess your work  and if it meets the minimum  requirement we will issue you a certificate otherwise we will provide the required support where necessary and will required to make another submission

The Analytics Experience

Get the Analytics Experience from industry experts and trusted instructors who can slice and dice analytics beyond the theories and take you from the known to the unknown. This training is highly practical and is well suited for all professionals.

Maryland, Lagos Oct 22 - 26 Nov, 2016
NGN 150,000.00
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Early bird is 110,000 Money back Guarantee!!! If You Are Not Satisfied With The Class After The First One Hour, You Can Ask For A Refund.