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Effective Negotiation Skills

By: Angelus Consulting and Research Limited

Lagos State, Nigeria

26 - 27 Oct, 2017  2 day

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NGN 50,000

The development of on-going customer relationships is key to any successful organization. Unless negotiations achieve a win-win outcome, it is likely that such relationships will break down over time

Negotiating is a part of everyday life. We negotiate in our work, with our friends, and even our family members. In this two day class, participants will learn what negotiation is and how to get the most from their personal negotiations.

Buyers and sellers at the forefront of the commercial relationship and managers negotiating internally, all face increasing pressure to achieve more.

This Negotiation Skills training course describes a range of successful negotiating techniques and explains how you can use them to help you achieve your key objectives.

Aims of this Course

  • To enable the development of key skills to operate effectively in negotiation situations
  • To promote the benefits of using a professional model to develop negotiation strategy
  • To provide important tools, techniques and tactics for use in negotiation situations
  • To identify methods by which negotiations can be planned, conducted and reviewed
  • To build confidence and skills to achieve a mutually acceptable outcomes
  • To enable participants to assess their current knowledge and ability and to plan their continuing development and maximize effective learning

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, participants will be able to;

  • Be more confident in negotiation situations
  • Be able to strike better deals
  • Strive for win-win agreements
  • Foster ongoing customer relationships
  • Gain best outcomes from inter-personal interactions
  • Develop a range of transferable skills in negotiation


This course is a practical training delivered using a mixture of lectures, interactive sessions, demonstration, facilitated group review, group exercises, videos and case studies.                   

Target Participants

  • Business Development professionals
  • Marketers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Team members of all levels who are looking to enhance their negotiation and communication skills


Two (2) Days


  • Introduction to negotiation
    • Identify the qualities of successful and unsuccessful negotiators.
    • Definition of negotiation
  • The Process of Negotiation
    • The value of negotiating
    • How negotiating differs from selling
    • When selling stops and negotiation begins
  • How to Plan the Strategy
    • Targets - your bottom line and optimum aim
    • Tactics and objectives
    • Planned concessions
    • Establishing the climate
    • Pursuing a ‘win-win’ outcome
    • Retaining flexibility
    • Define your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiation agreement), WATNA (worst alternative to a negotiation agreement), WAP (walk away point) and ZOPA (zone of possible agreement)
  • The Negotiation
    • Understanding the other side’s needs and motivation
    • Interpersonal skills and body language
    • Presenting your case
    • Opening bids and offers
    • Dealing with objections and rejections
    • How to avoid deadlock or how to make deadlock work for you
    • Give and take – the skill of negotiation
    • The importance of summarizing
    • Bargaining
    • Dealing with intimidating tactics
  • Clinching the Deal
    • Going for commitment
    • How to close
    • Developing a long term relationship and preparing the climate for future negotiations
  • Telephone Negotiation
    • Voice and personality projection
    • Using silence
    • Controlling the call
    • How to implement the negotiating process using the telephone

Action Plan

Participants plan and discuss what they will actually do upon their return to work

Angelus Consulting and Research Limited. 70B, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos State. Oct 26 - 27 Oct, 2017
NGN 50,000.00
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Gabriel 08183533642

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