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Planned Shutdown, Critical Activities, Isolation, Start-up and Commissioning

By: PetroKnowledge Training

United Arab Emirates

16 - 20 Dec, 2019  5 days

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USD 4,750

Venue: Dubai - UAE

This intensive training course gives the participants a full picture of how to prepare themselves to have influential involvement in the commissioning and start up phases. The training course declares the key roles and responsibilities of the commissioning manager and disciplines team leaders to overcome the combination of technical and management challenges existing in that critical phases.

Start Up and Commissioning of new plant and equipment presents both a major technical and management challenge. The overall goal of mechanical completion and commissioning is to verify and document that the system is designed and constructed to fulfil its purpose and specified requirements. Life cycle cost principles and safety should govern all decisions and actions during this critical period.

Early establishment of commissioning packages is essential for an orderly and effective project completion. The commissioning plan shall have maximum priority to enable reversed planning in all project phases. All fabrication and installation planning shall be system oriented. Mechanical completion, commissioning, FAT, Preservation and suppliers’ assistance requirements shall be identified with this program

The initial start-up of any plant, irrespective of size, type, or industry, is a unique occurrence. The necessity of building a commissioning plan is derived from Cost wise, as this will minimize the budget for commissioning activities that will be allocated for contractor. All Companies operation staff is normally involved from day one in engineering phase. If, however, the same team is also taking part in any phase of the commissioning, it will result in a successful project and a reduction in unexpected start up troubles.

In this PetroKnowledge training course, participants will learn

  • The key stages of the commissioning process
  • How to balance the technical and management challenges of commissioning and Start up
  • How to deal with machinery and equipment specific commissioning issues
  • How to Manage Risks and solve the types of problems likely to occur during commissioning
  • How to enhance the company’s turnaround management capabilities, and to ensure a team approach in the planning and execution of plant shutdowns and turnarounds
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of effective Shut down management techniques and implementation
Dubai - UAE Dec 16 - 20 Dec, 2019
USD 4,750.00
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