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Master Certificate in Human Resource (MPM) Course

By: JK Michaels Consulting  

Lagos State, Nigeria

08 - 12 Oct, 2018  5 days

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USD 2,500

Venue: Lagos

Master certificate in  advance Human resources management course considers the potential of HRM to enhance organizational flexibility,business viability and help create competitive advantage. It examines HRM in dynamic and complex contexts and discusses practical ways of improving strategic HR planning in firms.

The task of managing human resources effectively includes all the activities that use to influence the competencies, behaviors and motivations of all employees. In that, such competencies, behaviors and motivations of employees influence profitability, customer service and other significant measures of organizational effectiveness, managing human resources is a key strategic challenge that underpins and over- determines outcomes.

 Focus is accorded to the means by which successful corporations compete effectively in a dynamic, global environment. To this end, students will study, research and assess principles of strategic management of human capital, recruitment techniques and pitfalls, effective planning, evaluation and motivation of performance, human development initiatives, compensation issues, and the use of incentives to motivate outstanding performance.

 Students will learn the importance of the HR Triad (employee, line manager, HR manager). They will also acquire skills to foster mutual understanding and collaboration across organization units involving HR professionals, managers, and employees. Case studies and compelling examples from a wide range of industries are contextualized for the dual purpose of deconstruction and insightful reconstruction.  Assignments will involve, among others, integration and application.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify, synthesize, articulate and evaluate contemporary theoretical models within the realm of HRM.
  • Integrate theory and practice – in a compelling and well-grounded manner.
  • Synthesize the direct and co-extensive functions that HR plays in the organizational arena.
  • Evidence the development of skills requisite for successful labor / management relations, practices, behavior, and policies.
  • Identify, contextualize, analyze, and balance the needs of organizations and their employees in highly competitive environments.
  • Identify models and frameworks that most effectively elucidate the centrality and multi-focus dimensions of human resource management.
  • Analyze and articulate the strategic impact human resources has on management and organizational goals.
  • Evaluate case studies in which it is vital to identify, extract, contextualize, evaluate, analyze and assess specific HR-related challenges.
  • Develop a plausible plan by which to structure the activities of general managers, functional managers, and HR associates and executives to ensure effective HR management and optimal organizational performance.
  • 10.Effectively integrate (or synthesize) important facts, concepts, principles, and theories in the field of human resource management when working to resolve multifaceted human resource problems in complex real-world situations.
  • Evaluate  the  quality  of  the  text’s  proposed  solutions to human resource management problems when applied to situation-specific criteria, including organizational constraints. Compare and contrast these to at least to other researched solutions proposed by other scholar-practitioners.
  • Effectively adapt quantitative techniques to analyze and enlighten human resource management issues.

Master Certificate In Advance Human Resource Management-Hr 410

  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • This course provides students with a complete, comprehensive and comprehensible review of essential personnel/human resources management concepts and techniques. Because managers all tend to have personnel- related responsibilities, this course should appeal to all students of HRM, not just those planning “Human Resource Managers” themselves. The course outlines the roles and functions of members of the human resources community. The student will also learn how human resources management has evolved over time and become familiar with the new “corporate view” of this increasingly important function.

Course Objectives Of Hr 410 Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management

Upon completion of this course students should have gained the knowledge and skills to:

  • Describe the major activities performed by the HRM professional in the context of human domains.
  • Explain the trends relevant to the growing importance of HRM.
  • Identify current laws that protect the interests of employers and employees, and assess their impact on
    human resources management.
  • Outline the processes involved with staffing – including job analysis, job description, recruitment and
    selection, and organization. Analyze the ways in which internal and external factors affect them.
  • Describe  the  HRM  strategic  planning  process  and  explain  how  it  supports  an  organization’s  goals  and
  • Explain the background and evolution of unions and labor relations laws. Elaborate upon the effect that
    unions and labor relations law has had upon current HR practices.
  • Describe the role of training and development in organizational performance, and articulate how this role
    should be effectively managed.
  • Identify and describe the compensation and benefit strategies an organization can use to attract and retain
    employees. Provide an overview of the factors considered in establishing a particular approach to
  • Apply human resource management theory and concepts to solving managerial business problems.
  • Articulate human resource management opportunities and provide a synthesis of how human resource
    management concepts and tools can be applied to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Discern contemporary changes in the field of HRM, and explain the increasing importance of HRM.

Master Certificate In Advance Human Resource Management-Hr452

  • Leadership and Organizational Change
  • This course provides an overview and an exploration of the challenges to effective leadership and management posed by the rapidly changing business and social environment. The course will consider a number of potential leadership and management dilemmas as well as suggest strategies for maximizing a diverse workforce potential, implementing change and technological innovation, and competing effectively in a global environment. Current leadership theory, models, principles, skill applications and research findings will be used to provide students with effective leadership skills that will allow them to better manage change in private and public organizations.

Course Objectives Hr 452 Leadership And Organizational Change

  • Upon completion of this course students should have gained the knowledge and skills to:
  • Demonstrate how the leadership functions contribute to the management of people and can influence the organization in achieving positive improvement and change.
  • Identify and evaluate employee needs. Apply human resources theory to diagnose and match appropriate leadership skills.
  • Analyze and critique important research trends in Leadership.
  • Articulate basic differences in the representative approaches to Leadership.
  • Analyze leadership theories and approaches and synthesize motivational techniques derived from such
    theories. Apply frameworks to practical situations of manager motivating employees.
  • Describe the ways in which leadership can influence an organization in achieving positive improvement and
  • Apply critical thinking and analytical tools to evidence the forces at work in our rapidly changing
    technological work environment.
  • Compare and contrast different styles and approaches to leadership and assess motivational processes.
  • Analyze individual and team skills and apply to problem solving and decision making.
  • Analyze the benefits and consequences of organizational change and innovation.
  • Describe the process of change, and elaborate upon effective management of change in an organization.
  • Recognize that leadership is both art and science

Master Certificate In Advance Human Resource Management-Hr 465

Employee Performance: Appraisal And Management

  • The purpose of this course is to provide students with the theoretical background and tools needed to manage the performance of employees, and to design and use cost-effective compensation systems that will help motivate and reward employee productivity. It will outline effective ways to cover to manage the performance of human resources systems, teams and individual employees, with a brief treatment of managing organizational performance. The student will gain a more thorough understanding of the principles that underlie effective performance management systems and practices. These include the need to understand the importance of organizational, functional, and individual performance management and the need to develop a personal managerial style that is both flexible yet disciplined.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course students should have gained the knowledge and skills to:

  • Analyze and evaluate the most appropriate compensation and benefits practices for an organization. Elaborate upon and provide a synthesis of the complexities of providing a full array of benefits.
  • Explain and articulate the relationship between total rewards (pay, benefits, and work environment) to employee attraction, motivation and retention, as well as organizational performance. Apply theoretical frameworks to practical examples.
  • Explain the relationship between compensation strategy organizational and HR strategies.
  • Describe and articulate current strategies utilized to increase employee performance – including base
    compensation, incentive programs, salary administration, performance management, benefit programs, and
    relevant work environment activities.
  • Analyze legal requirements in the design and administration of total rewards programs.
  • Outline the complexities of total rewards program design in international and unionized environments.
  • Identify and evaluate new trends in total rewards.
  • Demonstrate the ability to create and use performance appraisals to manage and develop employee performance. Compare performance appraisal strategies and techniques.
  • Identify and assess the measures, costs and benefits associated with employee evaluation and performance.
Lagos Oct 08 - 12 Oct, 2018
USD 2,500.00
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