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Certified Fraud Investigator Course

By: LEORON Professional Development Institute


19 - 21 Nov, 2018  3 days

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USD 3,090

A persistent threat over recent decades and a continuing burden to global economic development, money laundering has developed into a focal point for the fight against financial crime. With an ever-expanding armory of regulation, and with criminals more intent on exploiting systemic gaps than ever before, this programme will look at ways to minimize institutional risk and reduce potential exposure to money laundering and the growing threat of financial crime. This course will give participants of detailed overview of money laundering and fraud prevention, looking at a wide range of financial crime scenarios to develop a deep understanding of these issues from a theoretical and practical perspective. The program will aim to develop skills to help organizations minimize their exposure and risk to this growing area of global crime, using current trends and typologies to adequately establish frameworks for continued deterrence.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the history and evolution of money laundering and terrorist financing, looking at the criminal history and global development of this white-collar crime.
  • Look into global, regional, and local frameworks that have been adopted to better understand how various jurisdictions battle the threat of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Assess current trends, including sanctions and trade-based money laundering, and what the Risk-Based Approach means for you, as well as potential future developments.
  • Build an awareness and understanding of how AML and Fraud Prevention fit into your broader Compliance Framework, and the skills and knowledge required to achieve sustainability.
  • Design, build, and monitor a fraud prevention program, linked to an overall Governance, Risk, and Cultural Compliance framework.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed to provide a holistic overview of Anti Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention compliance. All professionals with responsibility for compliance will benefit by attending, specifically:

  •  Money Laundering Reporting Officers
  •  Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Crime Prevention, and Fraud staff
  •  Compliance Officers/Managers and their Deputies
  •  Managers with responsibility for internal compliance controls
  •  Managers and Executives
  •  Professional Risk Managers
  •  Legal Advisers and Lawyers
  •  Auditors and Audit Managers
  •  Regulatory Representatives
  •  Accountants
  •  Company Secretaries
Dubai Nov 19 - 21 Nov, 2018
USD 3,090.00
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