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Effective Facility and Maintenance Management Best Practice Course

By: McTimothy Associates Consulting LLC  

Lagos State, Nigeria

08 - 10 Jun, 2022  3 days

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NGN 115,000

Venue: The Profession Place: 12b Olumoroti, Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos.

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The Profession Place: 12b Olumoroti, Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos., Lagos State, Nigeria 03 - 05 Nov, 2022 NGN115000

Competent facility management can make a huge difference in the value an organization will derive from its facilities. Several techniques and processes have been developed over the years to effectively manage both office and residential facilities. This course adequately addresses these and gives persons saddled with this responsibility the requisite knowledge and skills to adequately deliver results.

Training Objectives

At the end of this course, participants would be able to:

  • Identify the essential functions of the facility manager’s role
  • Step up to the increasing expectations of facility users
  • Determine best facility management practices to comply with municipal code and best practices
  • Update negotiating and contracting skills for outsourcing maintenance, custodial, security, and other contractors
  • Develop a maintenance strategy for premises and services
  • Focus on managing expenses, cutting utility costs, and gaining bottom line value from asset management
  • Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided
  • Asset management and facility management:  What’s the difference?
  • Taking charge of the relationship with the end-user - how to establish standards, determine needs, survey for success, and build the relationship for the future
  • Team Exercise - Bid Specification Preparation for Custodial Outsourcing
  • Four approaches to maintenance and how to use them to build the Master Schedule: Preventative, Proactive, Reactive, and Run-to-Failure
  • Eyes Wide Open - Looking around at the laws and code that can financially cripple the business and facility: ADA compliance, municipal code compliance, Indoor Air Quality, security, third party premises liability, and safety
  • Technical Skills vs. Management Skills:  Why many facility managers rely upon previous technical, engineering, and maintenance skills to solve management problems…but is it the best approach?
  • Skills Update:  How and when to negotiate and contract for outsourcing services such as maintenance, custodial, security, and space design
  • The “bottom line” checklist:  where to look for energy management savings, risk-management costs, and soft dollar expenses
  • Emergency Action:  changing trends in facility management

Target Audience

This program is designed for Facility managers, office managers, contract administration professionals, and it gives participants the know how to effectively manage their facilities.

Course outline

  • Introduction to Facilities Management                           
  • Challenges of maintenance management and cultural issues.
  • Idea of Facility Management
  • The nature of Facility Management.
  • What is Facility Management
  • Types of Facilities.
  • Pre-Exam
  • 10 Keys of Facility Management
  • Facility Management System reasoning exercise.
  • Tailoring your Facility         
  • Understanding the link between maintenance and Facility Management: Maintenance Modern Concept                                                                                       
    • Actual meaning of Maintenance.
    • maintenance Planning and Scheduling.
    • Planning and Scheduling objectives.
    • classification of Maintenance work according to planning and Scheduling purposes
    • Facility Stakeholders Management for effective results
    • Elements of stakeholders Management.
    • Stakeholders Analysis.
    • Stakeholders Planning.
    • Stakeholders Priotization techniques
    • Fundamental of Maintenance Management                                                                         
    • Work Identification.
    • Planning.
    • Analysing your Facility Management S.W.O.T for effective planning.
    • Planning Procedures.
    • S.W.O.T Session exercise.
    • Scheduling

Total Cost of Maintenance and importance of Maintenance                                                   

  • Facility Management master budgeting.
  • Facility Management budget performance System.
  • Maintenance using Facility master schedule.
  • Facility Management Mast Schedule
  • Understanding your Facilities and assets                                           
  • Feeling the heartbeat of your Facility.

Criticality Analysis

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Criticality Analysis.
  • Facility Management Benchmarking techniques.
  • Implementation method of Benchmarking.
  • Using the Pareto’s Principle                                                                 

Maintenance Management Tactics                                              

  • Proactive and Predictive Maintenance.
  • preventive Maintenance.
  • Reactive Maintenance.
  • Predictive Maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance.
  • Deferred Maintenance 
  • Operation and Maintenance exercise.
  • 90:10 Facility Maintenance development                                       

Failure Management and Control                                             

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance.
  • •Downtime reduction.
  • •Tools for controlling Failure in Facility Management.
  • •Checklist systems development and operations.
  • •Exercise.        
  • Developing a robust Service Level Agreement
  • Asset Management                                                                     

What Asset and Asset Management means.

  • Linking your Asset Management to Facility strategic planning.
  • Critical Asset ranking.
  • Understanding Asset failure
  • Effective Asset Management Implementation

Asset Management Resources:                                

  • Integrated Facilities Management; Life Cycle Costing; Continuous improvement philosophy.
  • Facility Condition Indexing.
  • Interpreting the FCI range in Facility Management.
  • Real life situation exercises in FCI.
  • FCI impacts, Failures and Occupant’s Morale.
  • Impact of Asset Management tools on Corrective maintenance and repairs.
  • Depreciation technique of Facility components                                                             

Fault diagnosis                                                            

  • Maintenance Codes using Facility Management master plan.
  • Failure Management in Facility Management.
  • Failure Reporting using a Criticality Analysis Guide                

Facility Management Technology:                  

  • Computer Aided Facility Management Technology.
  • Real life demonstration.
  • Preparing a strategic technology plan.
  • Technology optimizing Process

Energy Management:                                                         

  • The increasing cost of Energy.
  • What is Energy Management
  • Goals of an effective Energy Management Program.
  • Implementing the major strategies of Energy Management.
  • Energy Audit for Facility Managers
  • Increasing your company’s profit by 25% using Energy Management
  • JIT Management                                                         

Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity:       

  • What a Disaster Recovery Plan is and why it is important.
  • Identifying potential Hazards.
  • Business Impact analysis.
  • Personnel Policies and Crisis Communication.
  • Strategic Alliance.
  • Case Study and Exercise.
  • Setting up an Action Plan.
  • Emergency Planning Implementation checklist.

Recommended Participants

  • Procurement Managers / Senior Officers
  • Facility Managers/Senior Officers
  • Purchasing Managers / Senior Officers
  • Contract Administration Managers/Officers
  • Project Managers/Engineers/Officers
  • HR and Administrative Managers/Officers
  • Finance Managers/ Officers/Coordinators
  • Those who are groomed for above positions
The Profession Place: 12b Olumoroti, Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos. Jun 08 - 10 Jun, 2022
The Profession Place: 12b Olumoroti, Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos., Lagos State, Nigeria 03 - 05 Nov, 2022
NGN 115,000.00
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Patience 07034854045, 09080022449,08058805333

Group Registration of 3-5 attracts 5% discount, 6-10 is 10%

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