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Packaging and Monetising What You Know Training : My Non-Monetary Capital; My Wealth

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

04 Jul - 26 Aug, 2022  2 month, 23 days

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USD 950

Venue: Lagos and Virtual

This course is Designed for Professionals, Retired, About to Retire and Employee who want to set up side businesses.The best business to go into is the business that revolves around your knowledge and competence after retirement. This program is delivered in Two (2) - Hour daily Coaching and Training sessions.

You will be taken through baby steps from the stage of idea conceptualization to the final stage of starting the business generating money. It is designed to help you succeed as trusted partner in progress.

Here are what you will will get:


  • L001    My Non-Monetary Assets Unveiled
  • L002    Character Strength Assessment
  • L003    Business Plan and Feasibility Study
  • L004    Financial Net WORTH and Investments Awareness
  • L004Environmental Scanning and Awareness
  • L005    To Run or Not to Run Your Own Business and Entrepreneurship
  • L006    Financials sourcing and tracking
  • L006    Risk and Opportunity Management
  • L007    Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
  • L008    Health and Wellness in Productivity
  • L009    Striking A Balance Between Work and Home 
  • L010     Communicate More Effectively with Impact
  • L011     Develop Executive Emotional Intelligence
  • L012     Develop Essential Business Setup and Business Development Skills
  • L013     Develop Practical Negotiation Skills for Business Development
  • L014a   Develop Advanced Negotiation Skills for Business Development
  • L014b   Learn How to Generate More Sales for The Business
  • L015.    How to Raise Finance for My Business?
  • L016.    Learn How to Free Yourself of Staff Administrative Issues
  • L017     Develop Mentorship Ability for My Staff
  • L018.    How to Source and Use A Mentor for Life and Business Career
  • L019     Develop A Structure of Total Accountability for My Life and My Business
  • L020.   How to Get an Accountability Partner to Help Execute Your Intentions?
  • L031.   Develop Profitable Credit Sales and Administration Skills
  • L021.   Develop Products and Services for The Business
  • L024.  Develop A Customer Centric Client Service Skill
  • L025.  Develop Basic Brand Management Skills
  • L027.  Develop Personal and Work Ethics Skills
  • L028.  Develop Sales and Marketing Administration Skills
  • L029.  Develop Client Risk Reduction and Guarantee Administration Skill for Business Acquisition
  • L030. Develop Masterful and Impactful Presentation Skills
  • L033. Develop Ability to Influence Skill
  • L034. Develop My Collaboration Skill
  • L035. Develop My Persuasion Skill
  • L036 Develop Planning Skill
  • L037. Develop Relationship Building, Management and Marketing Skills
  • L038. Develop Envisioning Skill
  • L039. Develop My Compassion Ability
  • L040   Develop Ability to Listen More Effectively
  • L041. Develop Performance Management and Appraisal System Skill
  • L042. Develop Skills for Handling Clients Objections and Closing Sales
Lagos and Virtual Jul 04 - 26 Aug, 2022
USD 950.00
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Olusina Lajorin 09026713101, 08033241313

USD 950:00 One Time Payment or (2 equal Instalments at USD 500 & 4 equal Instalments at USD 275 available)
Olusina Lajorin

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