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Human Resources Business Partnership Approaches Course

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

25 - 29 Jul, 2022  5 days

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NGN 157,500

Venue: Lagos

Human resource operations continue to become more sophisticated and complex. Part of that evolution involves HR leaders playing a more strategic role in the organization. HR business partners work closely with an organisation's senior managers to in order to develop an HR agenda that closely supports the overall aims of the organisation.

Training Objective

At the end of the training, Participants will

  • Understand the evolution of the HR Function till date and understanding the context and role of the HR Business Partner in the 21st century
  • Learn HR Business Partner Models, learn to conduct a Gap Analysis and steps to become strategic and align the HR Business Partner role with Business
  • Develop the building blocks for becoming a Business Partner focused on developing rapport & empathy, establish & maintain trust and build credibility for themselves and the function
  • Learn how to navigate politics and influence leaders to gain commitment and Buy-in
  • How to become a Change Champion by managing and facilitating change as an integral part of the HR Business Partner role. Learn to partner with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to implement a sustainable change process
  • Learn how to leverage HR Analytics to increase the impact of the HR Business Partner role


Day One


  • Traditional HR function
  •  Evolution of HR Function
  • What is Business Partner HR
  • Origins of HR Business Partner
  • Fundamental of an HR Business Partnership
  • Traditional Business HR Rule
  •  HR Partner Skills Set
  •  Modern HR Business Roles
  •  New Skill Profile
  •  Implementation of Business HR
  • Dave Ulrich HR Model
  •  HR Business Partner
  • Change Agent
  • Administrative Expert
  •  Employee Advocate
  • Application of the Ulrich model: four jobs for an HR business partner
  • Strategic partner
  • Operations manager
  • Emergency responder
  •  Employee mediator
  • Impact on the business of the different jobs of the HR business partner.
  • The SHRM job description for the HR business partner role
  • High Impact HR (HIHR) Operating Model

Day Two

Structure of the Human Resource Functions

  • The Strategic role of HR
  • Internal Stakeholders
  • The HR Organization
  • Demonstrating the Value of HR
  • Enhancing the Effectiveness of HR

HR Business Advisors

  • Business Manager Support and Development
  • Coordination of Local HR Service Delivery
  • Community Expertise  Service
  • HR Operation Service
  • Skills and competencies for HR business partners
  • Data judgment

Day Three

HR Business Advisors (Cont)

  • Business acumen
  • Knowledge business strategy, market challenges and customer needs
  • Focus on organization’s financials
  • Leading vs. lagging indicators
  • Demonstrating strong business analytics
  • Talent management acumen
  • Workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent retention

Day Four

Strategic Planning and Management

  • Introduction to Strategic Planning
  • Business Acumen
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Different Strategies
  • Implementing and Evaluating Strategy
  • Understanding the talent needs of the business
  •  Adjusting HR strategies to respond to changing business needs
  •  Identifying talent issues before they impact the business
  •  Identifying and implementing critical HR metrics
  • Aligning HR KPIs with organizational KPIs
  • Use of HR KPIs in measuring the impact of HR initiatives that contribute to the bottom line.
  • Mastering HR theory and adapting it to unique situations
  •  Communicating policies and procedures to employees

Day Five

Employee mediator

  • Managing conflict between employees
  • Managing competing personalities in the organization
  • Managing conflict between managers
  • Responding to organizational changes
  • Resolving problems in the execution of business plans
  • Emergency responder
  • Quickly responding to line manager questions
  • Quickly responding to complaints
  • Responding to manager’s needs
  • Responding to employee’s needs
  • Preparing for different situations

Leadership and Navigation

  • Leadership Techniques and Theories
  • People Management Techniques
  • Working within the Parameters of the Organization
  • Influencing Colleagues
  • Ethical Business Practices and Principle
  • Codes of Conduct
Lagos Jul 25 - 29 Jul, 2022
NGN 157,500.00
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Olusina Lajorin 09026713101, 08033241313

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Olusina Lajorin

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