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Mastering Corporate Communication Course

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

07 - 11 Jun, 2021  5 days

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NGN 157,500

Venue: Lagos

Other Dates

Venue Date Fee  
Portharcourt, State, Nigeria 02 - 06 Aug, 2021 NGN157500
Abuja, State, Nigeria 04 - 08 Oct, 2021 NGN157500

In a digitally connected world,  corporate communication is one of the key factors that determine whether companies thrive or fail. It impacts employee productivity, innovation, brand awareness and more. Corporate communication is not only how a business sets and ultimately manages expectations; it is also a tool to circulate important company messages, such as pivots in methodology and feedback from clients, quickly and to a large group

At the of the end of the training, participants will

  • Have a sound understanding of the general principles governing communications and the role of such a department in any organisation
  • Understand Branding/ Image Positioning
  • Be able to develop  their creative communication skills
  • Be able  to  use Strategic Communications to increase their organisational positioning
  • Understand how to use new media and digital communications to amplify their organization position.
  • Be able to Build their company personality to help engage with their  key audiences
  • Be able to measure their results including influencer mentions, product inquiries, and sales
  • Be able to create a Communications Plan
  • Be able to develop audience centre stakeholder maps

Day One

The business case for corporate communications

  • Definition of corporate communication
  • Corporate communication in a changing environment
  • The new media landscape: challenges and opportunities
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Corporate Identity, branding and reputation
  • Importance of corporate identity and reputation
  • Aligning identity, image and reputation
  • The Elements of Corporate Communications
  • Role of Corporate Communications in an organisation

Internal Communications

  • Target Audience
  • Forms – the Newsletter, e-mail updates, internal meetings
  • Elements of internal communications

External Communications

  • Different Types of Coverage – magazines, news media, new media
  • Elements to external communications

Day Two

Organizational communication

  • Definition of interdepartmental communication
  • Direction of communication within an organization
  • Formal versus informal communication
  • The organizational grapevine
  • Organizational culture and its effect on performance
  • Levels of company culture
  • Determining the strength of company culture
  • Organizational values and attitudes
  • Communication blockers

Strategic Communication (How to develop strategic messaging Massaging and Positioning)

  • Why care about Strategic Messaging and Positioning
  • Is your Message effective?
  • What is strategic messaging?
  • What is positioning?
  • How to design Strategic Messaging
  • How to Implement new messaging in organizations

Day Three

Corporate Communication Strategy

  • Factors corporate Communication Strategy depends:
  • Environment and Market Driven Function
  • Communication based Factor
  • Changes in the Organization (Internal Factors)

Setting up corporate Objectives (SMART objectives) z

  • Establishing Goals (SMART)
  • Reputation Management goal
  • Relationship Management goal
  • Task management goal
  • Find Potential Audience
  • Cross-cultural aspects of audiences
  • Study Market needs
  • Create Memorable Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • High and low-context culture
  • Social Media Blog
  • Implementing Corporate Communication Strategy

Day Four

Dealing with the Media and Stakeholders

  • Different Forms of News Media
  • The Strategic Approach
  • Press Releases
  • Damage Control
  • Bad PR

Organising Events

  • What is a successful event?
  • PR events and/or Message
  • Dealing with Partners

Day Five

New developments in corporate communication

  • Leadership and change communication
  • Effective leadership communication
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community relations
  • The case for CSR
  • Communicating about CSR
  • The 8 areas of focus for CSR
  • CSR and PR.
Lagos Jun 07 - 11 Jun, 2021
Portharcourt, State, Nigeria 02 - 06 Aug, 2021
Abuja, State, Nigeria 04 - 08 Oct, 2021
NGN 157,500.00(Group Registration Discount Applies)
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Olusina Lajorin 09026713101, 08033241313

Group discount apply
Olusina Lajorin

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