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Selling to Difficult People (and Organizations) Course

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

12 - 14 Oct, 2021  3 days

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NGN 115,000

Venue: Lagos

One of the most challenging things to deal with in business is handling difficult customers who are never satisfied and who continue to change the game as the relationship progresses.  This type of crazy-making scenario can easily place a salesperson on the defensive, making him or her much less effective in negotiations.

Day One

  • Getting Sales
  • What is the secret of successful salespeople and why they are always successful?
  • How successful people sell and how you can learn from them
  • People buy from those they trust, how can you be a very trustworthy person
  • The three Golden sales Phases and why common sales technique no longer work
  • Do not sell to everyone, the secret is to focus on important client
  • What you can do when a relationship with a customer no longer work
  • How to get a Meeting and to Handle Sales Objections
  • How to get sales meeting in the easiest and most secure way
  • The golden rules for preparing for the sales meeting
  • How to be prepared for customer’s objection
  • How to know is not an objection but an excuse and how to deal with it
  • The three steps in identifying the three objections when the buyer doesn’t tell them directly

Day Two

  • How to Become a Trustful and Reliable person people want to buy from
  • Your Image sells more than yourself-How to create a reliable image that sells
  • What are the positions, gestures that help you sell?
  • What is the perfect voice to use that sells easier?
  • People buy if they have things in common with you- how to set a common ground
  • How a favour to your client can bring more sales than all the sales technique in one place
  • Talk Less and Listen More. The Magic question Techniques in sales
  • How to really listen to your customer to make them feel understood
  • How to formulate the magic question on sales- when to use open questions
  • How to make the buyer be more open and co-operant using the consultative questions
  • What is the role of the close question in closing the sales?

Day Three

  • How to speak our Customers Language using NLP Technique
  • How to recognize the communication pattern in order to speak the other’ Language
  • How the Rapport helps us get closer to our Customers
  • The Concrete step to create a Rapport with our Customers
  • How to become master of persuasion using hypnotic and meta Language
Lagos Oct 12 - 14 Oct, 2021
NGN 115,000.00
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Olusina Lajorin

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