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Bank Treasury Management Training

By: Tom Associates Training  

Lagos State, Nigeria

06 - 09 Apr, 2021  4 days

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NGN 155,000

Venue: 5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village, Lagos

At the end of this program Bank Treasury Management Training 

The participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  1. Government policies on funding, monetary and fiscal policies
  2. Deposits mobilization techniques.
  3. Managing internal and external liquidity risks
  4. Knowledge of Rates Survey Process
  5. Skills in Rates Risks Management
  6. Understanding of Assets and Liabilities Management (ALM)
  7. Managing Treasury and Money Market Risks
  8. Cost of Funds computation and Management      
  9. Treasury Products: Development and Pricing
  10. Basic Foreign Exchange Management

Course Contents

Day One

Financial Environment 

  • Financial Environment in Nigeria

- Structure of the financial system

- Functions of the financial system

- Financial Participants

- Regulatory Environment

- Legal Environment

- Functions of the Main Regulators (CBN/NDIC)

- Financial Instruments

- Financial Markets

- Risks Environment

  • Monetary and Fiscal Policies
  • Interest Rate Economics
  • Role of Treasury Operations.

Treasury Functions

  • Government Policies
  • CBN’s Monetary Policies
  • Structure of Treasury Department
  • Formulating Treasury Policies
  • Critical Issues in Treasury Manual
  • Funding Issues in a Bank.

Liquidity Management

  • Components of Liquidity
  • Measures of Liquidity
  • Basic Liquidity Strategies
  • Cash and Liquidity Requirements
  • Impact of Liquidity on Profitability
  • Maturity Ladder Matrix
  • Planning a Bank’s Liquidity
  • Liquidity Risks.

Day Two

Risks Identification and Management

  • Treasury Risks Identification
  • Environmental Risks

- Business Risks

- Documentation Risks

- Capitalization Risks

- Personnel Risks

- Character Risks

- Raw Material Risks

- Pricing Risks

- Processing Risks

- External Risks

  • Managing the Risks.

Assets and Liabilities Management

  • ALM Functions and Objectives
  • ALM Techniques and Strategies
  • Implementation of ALM Policies
  • Requirement for Effective ALM
  • Return on Equity (ROE) as a measure of effectiveness
  • Regulatory Issues (Capital Adequacy)
  • Loan and Deposits Pricing
  • Transfer Pricing.

Deposit Mobilization Strategies

  • Customers Profiles
  • Competition Analysis
  • Winning Strategies

- Focused Strategy

- Total Customer Service (TCS)

- Total Quality Management (TQM)

- Information Technology (IT)

Marketing of Financial Products

  • Selling Pressure Points
  • Winning Elements / Strategies

- Find a Need

- Consumer Needs and Competition

- Pricing, Quality and Promotion

- Products and Packaging

- Segmentation

- System

- People

- Dare to Win

- Closing Quiz

Deposits Products

  • Savings
  • Current
  • Call
  • Term

Money Market Products

  • Treasury Bills / Certificates
  • Bankers Acceptances
  • Commercial Papers
  • Bonds

Other Financial Products

  • Capital Market
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Credit
  • Electronic
  • Transaction Risks

Development of New Financial Products

  • Identification of competitive areas
  • Market Research
  • Products Development Team
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Launching
  • Post Development Review

Day Three

The Balance Sheet Analysis

  • Structure, Complexity and Analysis
  • Off Balance Sheet Activities
  • Impact of CBN Circular on Bas and CPs
  • Asset Securitization
  • Non-Interest Bearing Assets

Determination of the Cost of Funds

  • Evaluating the Cost of Funds
  • Marginal Cost Concept
  • Marginal Cost in Transfer Pricing
  • Controlling The Balance Sheet Costs

Domestic Operations

  • Broad functions of operations
  • The Back office and Front Office Concept
  • Challenges of Domops and Trops
  • Resources and Deliverables

Treasury Operations (TROPS)

  • Functional analysis
  • Local Deals – placement and takings
  • NIBSS / RTGS Transactions
  • CBN Transfers
  • Open Buy Back (OBB) transactions
  • Other Large Settlement.

Day Four

Foreign Exchange Management

  • Government’s Foreign Trade and Exchange Policy
  • Current Foreign Exchange Policies introduced by CBN
  • FX Settlements
  • Visible and Invisible Transactions
  • Spot, Forward, Future, Swap and Option Contracts
  • Interest Rate Futures
  • Hedging Process 
  • Domiciliary, Nostro and Vostro Accounts.

Note: Available as Classroom Training as Well as Online Training

5/7 Alade Lawal Street, Off Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village, Lagos Apr 06 - 09 Apr, 2021

Registration: 09:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 155,000.00(VAT Inclusive)
(Convert Currency)

MR ABIODUN TOKI 08033019120

Discount of 5% to 3-4 participants from same organization. Discount of 10% to 5 or more participants from same organization.

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