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Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility Course

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

16 - 18 Nov, 2021  3 days

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NGN 250,000

Venue: Interactive Online Live / On-Site Live in Lagos

In an ever more competitive economy, in which companies are increasingly held directly responsible for the consequences of their impact on society from an environmental, social and economic point of view, it is necessary to be prepared to face these challenges in order to strengthen legitimisation to operate and to seize all opportunities for growth, innovation and reputational advantage.

Training Objectives                            

Upon the completion of fundamental of Corporate Social Responsibility Training, the attendees can:

  • Accurately analyze their current CSR and sustainability strengths and plan an action plan for accomplishing bigger motivation and impact
  • Develop a general CSR strategy while securing a vast range of actions with independent purposes
  • Prioritize investments that enhance their organization’s skills to deliver shared social and business benefit
  • Build a strong situation for their CSR policies and report efficiently on social, environmental, and business impact
  • Enhance organization of CSR strengths within the corporate
  • Initiate positive, efficient correlations with internal and external stakeholders


Day One

Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • CSR definition
  • CSR history and background
  • CSR business case
  • Advantages of applying CSR
  • Real-world successful examples of CSR
  • How is CSR related to the law?
  • Social responsibility in the age of the reputation economy
  • The responsible company: definitions and scenarios
  • Objectives and advantages
  • Essential timeline
  • The three dimensions of CSR
  • Sustainability as a lever to enhance innovation, competitiveness and reputation

Approaches and directions for the future

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and shared value creation
  • Emergent issues
  • From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Social Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Best practices

Corporate Social Responsibility Principals

  • CSR prominences
  • Changing focus in corporates
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental issues and their impacts
  • Outsourcing costs
  • The social contract

CSR and Ethics

  • What is Ethics?
  • The Gaia assumption
  • Corporate performance
  • Corporate reputation

Day Two

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

  • Business manager responsibility
  • The business objectives
  • Performance measurement significance
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate control rules

Main social responsibility areas of intervention

  • Social responsibility and chain of value: an analysis and design approach
  • Corporate governance and ethics
  • Environmental impact and sustainability policies
  • Sustainable human resources management and corporate welfare
  • Sustainable marketing and CRM
  • Supply and responsible supply chain management
  • Strategic philanthropy and the company-community partnership
  • Responsibilities towards the customer-citizen
  • Best practices

Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation

  • Performing a CSR assessment
  • Developing a CSR strategy
  • Creating CSR assurances
  • Essential international CSR proposals of governmental or intergovernmental frames
  • The relationship between CSR and human rights
  • Executing CSR commitments
  • Reporting and confirming progress
  • Assessing and improving

Day Three

Stakeholders: information, relations, engagement

  • The company’s relation to its environment
  • The new centrality of the stakeholder
  • Internal and external stakeholders
  • Mapping, understanding and interacting with stakeholders
  • Setting up a relational strategy
  • Best practices

Sustainability Concerns, Issues and Balance Sheets

  • Sustainable definition
  • The Brundtland
  • The capital costs associated with sustainability
  • Revising sustainability
  • Distributable sustainability

Performance Evaluation

  • Defining performance
  • Social accounting
  • Performance features
  • The balanced scorecard
  • The environmental review
  • How to measure performance?
  • How to evaluate performance?
  • Multidimensional performance management

Communicating social responsibility

  • The balance sheet as a relational and communication tool
  • Providing value to your own performance and creating reputation
  • Doing and communicating; finding the right mix
  • Designing social responsibility communication
  • The golden rules
  • Best Practice
Interactive Online Live / On-Site Live in Lagos Nov 16 - 18 Nov, 2021
NGN 250,000.00
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sina Lajorin 08033241313, 09026713101

Group discount available
Executive Olusina Lajorin

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