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High Specialization In Finance ( Investment Techniques and Financial Market/ Financial Modelling)

By: Rome Business School Lagos Nigeria

Lagos State, Nigeria

16 Nov - 15 Dec, 2019  30 days

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NGN 175,000

Venue: 10B Abimbola Okunuuga Street, Off Harold Shodipo Street, Off Joel Ogunaike, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

High specialization in finance is a two-month extensive in-class competence and proficiency lectures, the programme aims to develop specialist and problem solvers in the area of financial modelling, investment techniques, and financial markets.

Investment Techniques and Financial Market


The focus of the program lies on understanding how businesses need to interact with the Policymakers and the investors to create a money and capital market. In addition, the course explores theories and models in relation to modern portfolio theory and how to measure returns. The course also explores the efficient market theory and the different forms of this market including the implications and the common problems.

In addition, the course clearly identifies the various components of the stock options and values of options in its different forms. Participants join in activities designed to help develop their own capacity using formulas and discuss how the models can assist them in developing a new idea for a business venture.

Objectives of the Course:

Key concepts of Investment Techniques and Financial Markets are to be able to use the formulas to develop skills in evaluating business stock both for you and for other businesses for investments.

The five areas of interest are:

  • Portfolio Theory,
  • Measuring Returns,
  • Marketing Indexes
  • Trading Stocks
  • Stock Options.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the financial models
  • Demonstrate awareness of how a business interacts on the stock market
  • Increased self-knowledge and self-actualization in creative thinking (sensitivity to problems, flexibility, originality, and elaboration).
  • Utilise a variety of tools to anticipate stock options.
  • Financial Modelling techniques for valuation Analysis


Financial Analyst, Accountant, operations personnel, Project Managers, Mid, Top Managers, and decision-makers of every organization needs the knowledge of Financial modeling for them to function, conceptually financial modeling is a representation in numbers of some or all aspects of a company's operations.

Financial Modeling is projected to be used as decision-making tools. Organizations adopt this model most often to estimate the costs and project the profits of a proposed new project. Financial analysts use them to anticipate the effect of a financial policy change or any other event on a company's stock.

At the management level, financial modeling is used to estimate the valuation of a business or for peer analysis of businesses in the same industry.

They also use in strategic planning to test various scenarios, calculate the cost of new projects, decide on budgets, and allocate corporate resources.

Learning Objectives

  • Build financial models through stepwise projection of income statement, balance sheet and cash flows
  • Learn to apply Excel tools - Data Tables, Nested Ifs,
  • Time Value of Money
  • Develop key schedules including debt/interest, depreciation, working capital and equity
  • Learn sensitivity analysis and scenario analysis
  • Understand the fundamentals of using data in Excel
  • Learn how to combine and condense information into a logical framework
  • Apply the different techniques for data analysis
  • Explore the use of charts and tables for effective analysis
  • Create dashboard reports for a more structured and visual presentation of the summary
10B Abimbola Okunuuga Street, Off Harold Shodipo Street, Off Joel Ogunaike, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Nov 16 - 15 Dec, 2019
NGN 175,000.00
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Olakunle Asunmo +2349014017607

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