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Competitive Intelligence Master Class

By: McTimothy Associates Consulting LLC  

Lagos State, Nigeria

28 - 30 Oct, 2021  3 days

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NGN 200,000

Venue: The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos.

We now live in a world driven by hyper-competition. Hyper-competition is where too many businesses are pursuing too little business; i.e. there is not enough demand to go around for all providers of goods and services. The knowledge base for managing in this hyper-competitive environment is called Competitive Intelligence. Competitive Intelligence is a process of giving you insights into what might happen soon.

Competitive Intelligence Training is a program structured to equip participants with tools to collate, analyze, and apply information about products, domain constituents, customers, and competitors for short term and long-term strategic planning needs of an organization.

Organizations and organizational units increasingly employ competitive intelligence (CI) to support decision- making, management, and to build and sustain competitive advantages. As the formal practice of CI has grown in adoption and sophistication, information professionals are often charged with intelligence-related responsibilities.

This course examines competitive intelligence models, functions, & practices; the roles of information professionals in CI, and the management of CI. Discussion and practice topics include intelligence ethical & legal considerations; identifying intelligence needs; intelligence project management, research methods, analysis, production, and dissemination; the uses of intelligence; intelligence sources and tools; managing the intelligence function; and the evolution of CI. A working knowledge of print and electronic business information sources is recommended.

Course Objectives

  • Participants would be able to develop capabilities to execute complex cross knotting analyses and synthesis, generating veritable intelligence, Resolving and capping, Due Diligence spawning decision drivers, navigating intelligence streams in other to produce superlative capabilities and performance for rapid and sustainable growth and expansion.
  • Gain competitive advantage and enhances strategic planning and positioning
  • Become conversant in competitive intelligence, strategic, and corporate/organization terms and concepts.
  • Develop more in-depth knowledge of and anticipate issues impacting organizational effectiveness and competitiveness.
  • Develop an awareness of issues and trends in the field of competitive intelligence, including research, analysis, and process management.
  • Know how to take advantage of opportunities for information professionals in the field of competitive intelligence.
  • Know the range of competitive intelligence tools & services; as well as how to evaluate, select, and use them effectively.
  • Gain familiarity with competitive intelligence-related projects and deliverables.
  • Identify and apply professional tools, news, and resources to gain awareness and build upon skills.
  • Learn how to protect an organizations’ competitive and knowledge assets from internal and external threats.
  • Elevate problem solving through targeted analysis.


  • ·         Lectures                                                                        70%
  • ·         Group Activities & Round Table Discussion           10%
  • ·         Case Studies                                                                 20%

Target Audience

  • CEO, Directors, Entrepreneurs, senior management executives, competitive intelligence (CI) directors and other key executives.
  • Information Professionals
  • Companies investigating expansion into new markets with new products or acquisitions
  • Technology Development Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Investors
  • State and municipality economic development professionals researching industries and companies
  • Job hunters learning more about an industry

Course Content

Basic Concepts

  • The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence
  • The Importance of Competitive Intelligence
  • The 80 / 20 Rule – Primary vs. Secondary
  • The CI Hypothesis
  • Key Intelligence Topics
  • Managing the CI Results

Tools and Techniques

  • Environmental Mapping Defines the CI Universe
  • Know Thy Self
  • War Games
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Growth Share Matrix
  • The Art of Primary Research
  • Filtering Information
  • Up Close Analysis of Non-Competing Companies
  • Two Important Windows – Job Ads and Trade Shows
  • Tracking Behavior

Best Practices

  • Time is Critical
  • Universal Sweep
  • Remain Neutral
  • Go Where the Information Is
  • Challenge Conventional Thinking
  • Act Ethically
  • Partner with Risk Management
  • Human Intelligence
  • Infrastructure before Software


  • Don’t Over Disclose
  • Contain the Information Flow
  • Sending False Signals
  • Don’t be Predictable
  • Recognize Intelligence Attacks
  • Don’t be afraid to Counter Attack

Analytical Models

  • Product Life Cycles
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Porter’s Five Forces Model
  • Value Net Model
  • Four Corners Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Strategic Business Units
  • PEST and STEEP
  • The Full Range of Analytical Models

Advanced Techniques

  • Psychological Profiling
  • Shadowing Reverse Engineering
  • Global Intelligence
  • Case Studies
  • New Product Launch
  • Threat of New Competition
  • Competitor with Superior Products
  • Sudden Change in Key Competitor

CI Systems

The Professional Place: 12b, Olumoroti Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos. Oct 28 - 30 Oct, 2021

Registration: 10:00:am - 04:00:am

NGN 200,000.00
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Blessing Aguta 07034854045; 09080022449; 08058805333

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