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International Credit and Risk Management Course

By: Francis Consulting

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

19 - 22 Dec, 2022  4 days

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NGN 250,000


International Credit and Risk Management online course (ICRM) is a comprehensive, in-depth course designed to educate entry-level professionals as well as senior-level executives about the intricacies of global credit and risk management.

The course offers vital, up-to-date knowledge in a collaborative, learning environment. Peer-to-peer interaction will build, diversify, and strengthen a reliable network of professionals while helping you gain an all-encompassing view of credit and risk management.

Drawing from multiple perspectives, the knowledge and hands-on experience provides you a more balanced view of how to better understand, manage and mitigate the credit risks associated with doing business internationally. In simple terms – know the risks of getting paid and get paid on time. This course will help you discover some of the best ways to make that happen.

The ICRM course was designed for you, the practitioner, to add value to your professional development, while making you an even more asset to your company.

Course Contents:

Day 1-Module 1: Concept for Successful International Credit Management

  • Credit to Cash Cycle
  • Selling in the Global Market
  • Global Credit Policies and Procedures
  • Organizing the Global Credit Department
  • Establishing Policies

Day 2-Module 2: Establishing New Customers

  • Critical Concerns
  • Credit Approval Process
  • Developing a Credit Application
  • Country, Currency, and Culture Risks
  • Risk Assessment Processes
  • Five Key Dimensions of Risk

Day3-Module 3: Financial Statement Analysis

  • Components of Financial Statements
  • How to Use Ratios
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Identifying Problems
  • Cultural Factors

Day 4-Module 4: Risk Mitigation

  • Options to Mitigate Risk
  • Credit Derivatives
  • FX Policy
  • Factoring and Forfaiting
  • Secured Transactions
  • Understanding Trade Credit Insurance
  • Export Credit Agencies

Day 5-Module 5: Payment Terms and Credit Lines

  • Credit Lines vs. Credit Limits
  • Credit Considerations and Influences
  • Establishing and Monitoring Credit Lines
  • Evaluating Data Sources
  • Setting Exposure Limits

Day 6-Module 6:  Banking and Currency

  • Currency Basics
  • FX Strategies
  • The Risk of Inconvertibility
  • Financing Techniques
  • Forms of Countertrade
  • Credit Management at a Bank

Day 7-Module 7:  Global Payment Mechanisms and Methods

  • Payment Agreements
  • Open Account
  • Documentary Collections
  • Cash-in-Advance
  • Payment Processes
  • Methods of Financing Trade Shipments

Day 8-Module 8:  Letters of Credit, Guarantees, and Bonds

  • Principal Financing Techniques
  • Factoring and Forfaiting
  • Preventing Countertrade Risks
  • Export Credit Agencies

Day 9-Module 9:  Metrics and Benchmarking

  • Benchmarking and Performance Measures
  • Calculation Methods for DSO
  • Receivables Reporting Methods
  • Distribution and Performance Measures for Credit Team
  • Collections Forecasting
  • Variances

Day 10-Module 10: Compliance and Legal

  • International Trade and Laws
  • Credit Department Legal Concerns
  • Territorialism
  • Arbitration and Litigation
  • Choosing a Legal Professional
  • Export Controls and Compliance
  • Corporate Governance

Why You Must Attend?

  • Interact and collaborate with peers through regular communication with other delegates and an instructor.
  • Become a part of the A-Team by growing your skills and expanding your knowledgebase.
  • Enjoy better employment and advancement opportunities.
  • Gain the knowledge that gives you a competitive advantage over other credit professionals who do not have your depth of training.

For Whom:

Credit Manager, Accounts Receivable Specialist,  Assistant Credit Manager,  Assistant Vice President, Business Development Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Corporate Credit Manager, Corporate Risk Manager,  Director of Credit,  Director Credit and Accounts Receivable,  Senior Manager Credit and Collections, Global Sales Manager, North American Credit Manager, Senior Credit Analyst, Director of Global Credit

NGN 250,000.00
(Convert Currency)


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