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Advanced Human Resource Management Course

By: Francis Consulting

Abuja FCT, Nigeria

04 - 07 May, 2021  4 days

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NGN 225,000

Venue: Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja

Learning and applying advanced principles of human resource management helps to create more innovative teamwork and corporate transformation. It would also help individuals to improve their lives as well as those whom they manage. Our Advanced Human Resource Management training course is intended to prepare leaders, at all levels within an organization, to serve as change agents and leader coaches.

This training course enhances individual capacity, conceptual skills, practical insights, and the core values needed for delegates to become more knowledgeable in how important HRM is to an organization’s success. Then in their roles as supervisors, managers, and leaders, they will be able to demonstrate their ability to put Principles into Practice.

Important Features

The important features of this Advanced Human Resource Management training course are:

  • Self-analysis: Where am I now and what do I know (or not know)?
  • Organisational analysis: How are we approaching HRM?
  • Application of principles learned: How will I apply what is learned in my work environment?
  • How can I be an effective leader coach and change agent?
  • Table Group Discussions: What can I learn from others?
  • Feedback Exercises: Assessing learning through in-class exercises


The Advanced Human Resource Management training course is based on accomplishing these objectives:

  • To increase the participant’s knowledge of:
  • External influences on HRM such as laws, policies, and regulations
  • Internal influences – organizational strategies and organizational culture
  • HRM outcomes and objectives
  • How to manage the employee life cycle, from recruitment and selection through separation activities
  • The principles of Integration and Identification – two essential retention principles
  • How to develop multi-generational employees through coaching, mentoring, performance evaluations, assessments, and training
  • How to respect employees as people, not just human capital
    • To improve skills in:
  • Diagnosing and solving HRM problems
  • Written and oral communication
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Teamwork


  • All professionals and leaders who need to have in-depth knowledge of how to evaluate their organization’s Human Resource Management compared to best practices
  • Anyone who is interested in developing themselves to be a better leader coach
  • Anyone who desires to know how to enhance their Human Resource Management in today’s rapidly changing global business environment

Training Methodology

Our highly practical experiential learning method is results-oriented; based on an adult learning concept; incorporates short inspiring lectures with structured lessons from the learning manual; captivating PowerPoint slides with videos to enhance learning; ongoing discussions with action planning; ample time for Q and A. Training activities reinforce key concepts within a fun learning environment and are designed to function as an interactive group process with delegates continuously building their capacity through interaction and learning the importance of being a Leader Coach.

Pre and Post course assessments will be used to measure the effectiveness of this training.

Course Contents

Day 1 -HRM and Strategic Leadership

  • Our Current Challenges
  •     Self-Assessment
  •     Organisational-Assessment
  • The Role of HRM in Strategic Leadership
  • HRM and the 4Cs of Leadership
  • The Importance of Capacity-Building in Strategic Implementation
  •     HRM and our customers
  •     HRM and Employee Performance
  •     HRM and Retention
  •     HRM and Innovation
  • Feedback Exercise #1

Day 2 -Enhancing HRM Competencies

  • Discussion – Emerging Issues in HRM
  • What is our current conceptual foundation for solving HRM issues and planning for the future?
  • Evaluate:
  •     Five Supervisory/Management Core Competencies
  •     Nine Human Resource Competencies
  •     Eight Transitional Leadership Errors
  • Seven Principles of Motivation from the leading theories
  • Two Over-Riding but often overlooked Principles in Retention
  • Four Leader Coach vs. Manager Scenarios
  •     The Ineffective Leader Coach/Ineffective Manager
  •     The Effective Manager/Ineffective Leader Coach
  •     The Effective Leader Coach/Ineffective Manager
  •     The Effective Leader Coach/Effective Manager
  • Feedback Exercise #2

Day 3 -HR as a Strategic Partner

  • HR and Strategic Management
  • HR and Strategic Leadership
  • Meet today’s Employment Pressures and Challenges
  • Up-to-date information and current perspectives on the Strategic Alignment of the HR function with organizational objectives
  • Advanced Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • Design strategies to re-engage employees and heighten productivity
  • HRM, Knowledge Management, and Succession Planning
  • Feedback Exercise #3

Day 4 -The Multi-Generational Workforce

  • Evaluate the preferred work environment and motivations of the six or seven generations in the workplace
  • Address a Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Workforce and Global Needs
  • Develop a Retention Strategy
  • Evaluate HRM and Customer Values
  • What Innovations Are Needed
  • Who Moved My Cheese?
  • The Role of the Leader Coach and Change Agent
  • Instituting and Managing Change
  • Creating Synergy in Teams
  • Feedback Exercise #4

Day 5 - Advanced HRM Skills in Action - Principles into Practice

  • Working with others towards Shared Goals
  • The Consultation Path and Consultation Skills
  • The Customer Service Path and the Customer Service Diamond
  • Coaching Skills and Coaching For Effectiveness
  • Mentoring Skills and Mentoring for Growth
  • Change Management Skills
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Comprehensive Feedback Exercise #5
Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja May 04 - 07 May, 2021
NGN 225,000.00
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