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Professional Digital-Age Business Writing and Communication Course

By: LCL Coaches Consultants  

Lagos State, Nigeria

26 Sep - 01 Oct, 2022  6 days

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NGN 157,500

Venue: Interactive Online Live / On-Site Live in Lagos

Business writing, especially for external communication to customers, prospects, suppliers, investors, etc., needs to be handled professionally. This is because when it is done properly, it will enhance your corporate image, reputation and boost your business, among other things. But when it is otherwise, the impacts can be so damaging.

It is a truism that communication plays an important role in human relations as well as the day-to-day running of organisations. It is equally important to stress that proficient application of language is very essential to effective communication. Mastery of English Language has become more important in business relationships today, especially that it is the showroom of one’s level of intelligence as a first verbal point of contact just as communication is very critical to success in all areas.

English, which is spoken by about one billion people and is most widely spoken around the world, is the language of diplomacy, finance, science, technology and business. So mastering communication allows you to effectively reach, sell and relate with a worldwide audience of customers for commerce. It will also help you enhance your career as an individual. In the business world, the bottom line is money, and communicating well saves – and makes – it.

Organisations and individuals are as good as the quality of their writing. Almost all individuals and organisations lay claim to good writing. But more often than not, poor grammar and jargon-infested writing are prevalent in their writing. In Nigeria for instance, we are masters at wrongly redeploying meanings of existing words and terms of English Language and even justifying the existence of Nigerian English whenever we are caught in the cobweb of grammatical errors or misapplication of English language.

To entrench a corporate culture of effective writing, organisations need to have regular language and communication training. They also need to have a writing style guidebook as part of their corporate culture of excellence and consistency. This is because the practice of good, collaborative writing makes the difference between great business and bad business — a sale or no sale.

Digital Age

It is noteworthy that the concept of effective communication has become changed in this digital or information and communications technology (ICT) explosion age with multiplicity of technological devices and/or social media platforms. So the idea of effective communication of yesterday is different from that of today.

The world is now a global village with opportunities and widened competition threats. So we need to be able to communicate well to stay ahead of career and business competition.

Objective/Benefits Of The Course

This course aims to boost writing and general communication skills as well as linguistic proficiency of participants.

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Apply effective editing techniques in their business and general writing
  • Observe professional etiquette in their business writing and communication
  • Effectively deploy computer tools in writing and editing
  • Master types and techniques of business writing
  • Become experts of e-mail communication in business
  • Communicate effectively and master the techniques, tools and dynamics of effective digital age communication.

What To Cover:

Module One: Essentials of Professional Business Writing

Areas of discussion:

  • Process/Stages of Good Business Writing
  • Improving Your Business Writing Skills with Journalism Style
  • Enhancing Your Business Writing with Correct Tense Application

Module Two: Professional Etiquette in Business Writing

Areas of discussion:

  • Fundamentals of Business Writing
  • Grammatical Voice and Effects on Business Transactions

Module Three: Writing Styles

  • Corporate Writing Culture
  • Instituting an Inhouse Writing Style for Corporate Consistency and Reputation
  • Simple and Complex Styles

Module Four: Deploying Computer Tools in Writing and Editing

Areas of discussion:

  • Advantages of computers
  • Writing Challenges of Organisations in the Pre-Computer Era
  • Investing the Time to Run Your Writing through Spelling and Grammar Command
  • Disadvantages of Computer Tools Menu Spelling and Grammar Command
  • Different Computer Commands under Tools Menu

Module Five: Fundamentals of E-mail Writing

Areas of discussion:

  • What emails entails
  • Importance of emails
  • Rules of Writing Business Emails

Module Six: Mastering New Concept of Effective Communication in a Digital Age

Areas of discussion:

  • Communication Implication of Digital Age
  • Nigerian English Intelligibility and Image Danger to Business, Career
  • Available Analytical Tools
  • Linguistic/Traditional Analytical Tool
  • Public Communication/Non-Verbal ANALYTICAL TOOL
  • Digital Analytical Tools and Platforms
  • Social Network Platforms
  • Content Publishing Platforms
  • Specialized Analytics Tools
  • Strategies for Building Social Media Connections
  • Necessary Guide for Digital Communications Team
Interactive Online Live / On-Site Live in Lagos Sep 26 - 01 Oct, 2022
NGN 157,500.00(Group Discount Available)
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Mr Olusina Lajorin 09026713101, 08033241313

Group discount apply

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