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Performance Management Workshop

By: Impact Training and Management Consulting Limited  

Lagos State, Nigeria

21 - 22 Oct, 2021  2 day

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NGN 106,999

Venue: 10, Obokun Street, Off Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos. Nigeria/Virtual

This course covers the techniques and processes for managing employee and team performance. Setting targets and measuring achievement are key to the attainment of performance objectives. This course is targeted at supervisory and managerial staff who have the responsibility of assessing their subordinates’ performance and conducting performance appraisal. It will be looking at their appraising responsibilities in a way that properly rewards and motivates their subordinates towards enhanced productivity. It will also provide participants with the skills for a more objective performance appraisal.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand the goals of Performance Management using the Dialogue process
  • Learn what the line managers role and responsibilities are in performance management
  • Practice formulating and discussing specific / SMART objectives
  • Apply a structured approach to conducting performance appraisal
  • Understand how to correct performance issues before they become problems

    Apply monitoring and follow-up techniques to ensure commitments, goals and standards are being met.

Learning Contents

•  Definition and components of performance management

•  The use of dialogue

 • What and Why of performance appraisal

 • Benefits and outcomes of performance appraisal.

 • Strategic issues in performance appraisal.

 • Performance appraisal Vs. Performance evaluation

 • How to achieve objectivity in appraisal

 • Performance rating methods

  • forced distribution
  • behaviour anchored rating scales (BARS)

 • Errors and bias to avoid in appraisal.

 • 360 Degrees performance appraisal

  • Target setting methods

 • Quantitative, qualitative approach to performance appraisal

 • Conducting the appraisal

  • the preparatory phase
  • the appraisal phase
  • the follow up phase.

 • Appraisal: role plays

 • Managing outcomes of appraisals (training needs, career development, performance issues  etc.)

• 70:20:10 rule for employee training and development

 • Appraisal interview toolkits and films.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, Managers and Executives who appraise their Subordinate’s Performance

10, Obokun Street, Off Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos. Nigeria/Virtual Oct 21 - 22 Oct, 2021
NGN 106,999.00(Physical)
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TAIWO ADEGUN 08023060462

Discounts off regular fees for open programmes: 3-5 nomination - 5% Programme also available as in-plant. Fee: Negotiable

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