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The Successful Female Leader: Success, Engagement and Leadership Growth of Female Workforce

By: EuroMaTech Training and Management Consultancy

United Arab Emirates

06 - 10 Nov, 2022  5 days

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USD 4,950

Venue: Live - Online

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Dubai , United Arab Emirates 06 - 10 Nov, 2022 USD4950

Getting to a leadership position in the business world is never easy. Even though the percentage of women in the talent pipeline has steadily increased over the last three decades, there are still large gaps from entry-level right through to top-executive positions. However research has shown that businesses with diverse workforces can outperform their more homogeneous peers and are better positioned to adapt to a rapidly changing global business environment.

Many women have learned that career success is all about embracing what makes their perspectives unique, and overcoming the doubts and fears that keep them from reaching their full potential. Successful women often credit luck for changing their lives, but there’s so much more to the making of a women leader than luck. Luck is ultimately about perseverance, dedication and getting ready for that “lucky” break!

This highly interactive and participative programme offered by EuroMaTech is designed specifically to help empower women and to encourage them to think of themselves as leaders. Through discussions, activities and presentations this training course will encourage women to appreciate the unique qualities and abilities they bring to the workplace. Women, who are ambitious to lead, need to invest in themselves and develop the vital attitudes, self-confidence and resilience needed to move forward and make their mark in the workplace.

Participants on The Successful Female Leader training course will explore the following competencies:

  • Review and develop your own personal leadership style
  • Build confidence in your ability as a manager and a leader
  • Communicating with authority and impact
  • Build high performing teams and develop individuals
  • Explore techniques to manager personal resilience and that of your team.
  • Discover strategies for influencing others and changing behaviours  
Programme Objectives  

This EuroMaTech training course on The Successful Female Leader aims to enable participants to achieve the following:

  • Identify different leadership styles, and the strengths each can bring
  • Learning to communicate with authority, authenticity and credibility
  • Managing competing demands and priorities
  • Building and maintaining confidence, self belief and personal resilience
  • Assess what drives your behaviour, your preferred communication style and the impact this can have on others
  • Building a high performing team and developing individuals within your team
Who Should Attend?

The Successful Female Leader training course is suitable for:

  • Women who are ambitious to move into leadership roles
  • Women newly appointed to managerial roles
  • Women who aspire to positions of greater influence and authority in their organisations  
Live - Online Nov 06 - 10 Nov, 2022
Dubai , United Arab Emirates 06 - 10 Nov, 2022
USD 4,950.00(Physical)
USD 2,400.00(Virtual)
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