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Human Resource Management and Career Development


United Kingdom

18 - 22 Sep, 2023  5 days

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USD 4,950

Venue: London

This course aims to examine the key issues facing human resource (HR) managers as new developments and techniques are introduced. The course will further develop HR managers’ skills to improve operational effectiveness and achieve personal and organisational goals.

Who Should Attend?

This course benefits public and private sector HR and personnel managers seeking to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of human resource and career development.

Course Outcomes

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Develop effective modern human resource policies and practices, as well as write such plans
  • Effectively manage employee relation skills, and gain ability to deal with disciplinary and grievance matters in an objective manner
  • Help line managers write better job descriptions and personnel specifications to help with recruitment, succession and talent management
  • Develop and implement career development and talent management strategies
  • Understand organisational culture and the impact it has on human resource management
  • Develop ways to begin human resource transformation

Key Course Highlights

  • Organisational development: factors affecting HR planning, succession, career development and talent management.
  • Internal marketing strategies to promote training and career development within an organisation
  • Dealing with employee relations, health and safety, disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Examination of factors affecting pay, job evaluation and salary, including recruitment, retention, motivation and incentives
London Sep 18 - 22 Sep, 2023
USD 4,950.00(5 Days)
USD 8,950.00(10 Days)
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Murphy Unuakhe 07056761232

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