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Evidence Gathering and Interviewing Skills



02 - 06 Oct, 2023  5 days

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USD 4,950

Venue: Paris

This course outlines the requirements for training for a number of qualified key practitioners within government departments in interviewing skills. Not only will this course focus on their highly specialized areas of work, but it will cover specific interviewing skills, supported by knowledge of evidence laws and current legislation.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed at two levels. It is suitable for internal and external auditors, forensic accountants, financial investigators, members of the police service, and other law enforcement agencies. It is also suitable for those involved in compliance, due diligence, and crime prevention activities.

Course Outcomes

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand legal elements of interviewing
  • Apply investigative interviewing, using effective questioning techniques
  • Engage in practical exercises, such as interviewing witnesses
  • Gather and disclose evidence
  • Provide insight into forensic accounting and investigative techniques to seek out and quantify evidence

Key Course Highlights

  • Understand laws of evidence and legislation and sources of law
  • Demonstrate interviewing techniques in order to secure relevant evidence
  • Practice non-verbal communication – theory and practice
  • Demonstrate techniques that can be used to access and analyze data
  • Allocate responsibilities to strategic members of staff for the overall management of interviewing
Paris Oct 02 - 06 Oct, 2023
USD 4,950.00(5 Days)
USD 8,950.00(10 Days)
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Murphy Unuakhe 07056761232

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