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Advanced Leadership Training

By: Fontini Consulting Ltd

State, Nigeria

16 - 27 Sep, 2024  12 days

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NGN 650,000

Venue: Lap New World Hotel Jabi, Abuja

Both leadership and management in the 21st Century are becoming increasingly more complex. Typically, organisations in both the public and private sectors are facing changes driven by political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental issues.

In order to successfully meet these challenges organisations, need to ensure that their leaders and managers at all levels have a comprehensive understanding of their roles, goals and required competencies. This programme is focused on meeting this requirement. In these 10 days you will learn about:

The range of 21st Century competencies

  • The need to think strategically
  • The principles of managing change
  • How to approach and solve problems creatively
  • Critical aspects of teamwork
  • The process of motivating yourself and others
  • Methods for managing conflict
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult staff

Who Should Attend?

  • Team leaders seeking to enhance their performance
  • Technical staff seeking a greater understanding of management
  • Managers desiring to sharpen their skills
  • Anyone seeking to step up a level

Programme Objectives

  • Know the importance of character in management
  • Know the four dimensions of behavioural styles
  • Understand how to be a Champion of Change
  • Clarify your role as a leader and manager
  • Identify Five Core Competencies of effective managers
  • Understand a proven model for Developing a Successful Strategy
  • Learn how to build a high-performance team
  • Recognize the difference between ineffective and effective teams
  • Discover techniques for improving their personal performance as a team leader
  • Study the different team player styles and their impact
  • Devise a strategy to manage the team through the stages of development
  • Examine the art of motivating employees
  • Consider methods of dealing with conflicts between team members
  • Review strategies for handling difficult people

Training Methodology

In order to acknowledge individual participants’ different learning styles, the programme uses a wide range of training methodology. Accordingly, your programme leader will encourage active participation to capitalize on your existing experience and expertise, plus the use of:

  • Lectures
  • Role plays
  • Readings/case studies
  • Psychometric questionnaires
  • Group exercises and discussions
  • Films

In addition, where appropriate, participants will be encouraged to discuss ‘real life’ situations in their organisations.

Programme Summary

This 10-day programme will begin with a week focusing on the way organisations compete in their chosen market(s); the ever more demanding roles of leaders/managers in the 21st Century, the need to continuously anticipate and react to changing circumstances and how to make defensible decisions.

The second week will focus on the process of becoming a highly effective team leader. Consideration is given to methods of building high performance teams and understanding the different leadership styles necessary to manage different types of teams. There will be an in-depth analysis of techniques for the personal self-development of the team leader. Finally, attention will be placed on effectively dealing with issues of team conflict and the management of difficult people.

Lastly, participants will be encouraged to think through their strengths and opportunities for improvement in the light of their current role and future career.

Day1 - The Leader’s Profile

  • Essential people skills for effective leadership
  • Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills for the innovative leader
  • Personality profiling
  • Your preferred behavioural style
  • Explore your behavioural tendencies
  • Understanding the model for innovative leadership
  • Removing emotional blind spots
  • Appropriate self-disclosure

Day2 - Managing and Leading Others Effectively

  • Understanding the personality profiles
  • The introverted neutral and analytical perfectionist
  • The extraverted relational and decisive exhorter
  • People-oriented helper
  • Task-oriented implementer
  • Optimizing the leader’s natural strengths
  • Individual transformation for self-development
  • Corporate transformation through innovative leadership

Day3 - Essential Innovative Leadership

  • Effective skills for understanding others
  • Developing competencies for effective leadership
  • Resilience for sacrificial leadership
  • Intentionality for self-motivation
  • Creativity for innovative leadership
  • Interpersonal connections for persuasive leadership
  • Constructive discontent
  • Integrity and compassion for accountable leadership

Day4 - Enhancing Creative Thinking Skills for the Innovative Leader

  • Developing illumination and verification
  • Divergent thinking skills openness to innovative ideas
  • Creativity and perception
  • Removing blocks to creativity
  • Understanding the creative process
  • Preparation, incubation, for innovative leadership
  • Metaphors and analogies for innovative thinking

Day5 - Implementing Innovative Leadership for Managing Performance

  • Applying teamwork for innovation in the workplace
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
  • Cultivating a creative workplace
  • Harnessing creativity in subordinates through aligned leadership
  • Establishing criteria for implementing innovative ideas
  • Advocacy skills to implement innovative ideas in the workplace
  • Leadership for performance management

Day6 - Strategic Thinking and The Power of Visionary Leadership

  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Critical Leadership Competencies for 21st Century Managers
  • Strategic vs. Operational Thinking
  • Purpose, Mission and Vision
  • The Power of Strategic Vision
  • Painting a Picture of the Future – The Power of Graphical Vision
  • Stabilising Vision
  • Communicating Vision to the Vision Community

Day7 - Developing Leadership Power - Exploring Personal Purpose and Passion

  • Developing the Leader’s Personal Life Map
  • Exploring the journey to Life to Reclaim Personal Power
  • Keys to Personal Leadership Enthusiasm
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Balance as a key to Resilient Leadership
  • The Power of Personal Goals and Vision
  • The Leadership Zone of Empowerment
  • Eliciting and Clarifying Personal Values
  • Optimal Time Management – A Crucial Leadership Skill

Day8 - Combining Management Skills and Leadership Competencies

  • The History of Management and Leadership
  • Leadership and Management in the Industrial Age – Production and thus the Manager were King
  • The Paradox of Leadership and Management in the Information Age – The Customer and thus the Staff are King
  • Delivering Customer Value – The Management Focus
  • Staff Contribution Contracts
  • Staff Empowerment
  • The Power of Systems
  • Ensuring Staff Capability

Day9 - Motivating, Rewarding and Leading Teams

  • Why Do People Behave as They Do?
  • Powerful Keys to Motivation
  • Understanding Passion
  • Rapport Mastery
  • Deep Needs and Fears
  • The Dynamics of Balance
  • Inspiring Enthusiasm
  • Managing and Leading – Style Flexibility

Day10 - Leadership in Action - Maximizing Interpersonal Communications

  • The Power of Communication
  • The Five Keys to Effective Leadership Communication
  • Effective Meetings and Presentations – Every Time
  • Managing Change and Resolving Workplace Conflicts
  • How to Optimise the Leadership Environment
  • Taking Command as a Leader
  • How to Present Data and Information
  • Removing the Blocks to Communicating with your Staff
Lap New World Hotel Jabi, Abuja Sep 16 - 27 Sep, 2024
NGN 650,000.00
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Dr. Francis okereke +2348035062583

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