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Certified Compliance Officer

By: JK Michaels Consulting  

Lagos State, Nigeria

20 - 24 May, 2024  5 days

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NGN 750,000

Venue: Lagos Ikeja - 14 Odeniran close, Opebi.

Other Dates

Venue Date Fee  
Lagos Ikeja - 14 Odeniran close, Opebi., Lagos State, Nigeria 12 - 16 Aug, 2024 NGN750000
Lagos Ikeja - 14 Odeniran close, Opebi., Lagos State, Nigeria 11 - 15 Nov, 2024 NGN750000

Certified Compliance Officer course is a management programme designed to teach a practical understanding of regulatory compliance needs. The programme covers eight major subject areas and utilises a variety of training techniques. This course aims to provide Compliance Officers and Managers with skills that can be immediately used upon return to the organisation.

Compliance with or adherence to a rule or set of regulations established by a policy, statute, or specification is the subject of compliance training. This adherence to external or internal regulations may be involved. Compliance is a process used to make sure a company is abiding by its legal obligations to safeguard other people's health, welfare, and safety. Laws are catalysts for societal progress and modernization. They serve as catalysts for the process of individuals' societal transformation. To make sure that an organisation is moving in the right path and upholding the standards established at the outset in order to accomplish the end goal of success, applied law and compliance are absolutely important.

It is crucial to provide staff with compliance training so they are aware of the numerous rules and regulations that apply to their sector. Additionally, training can assist a company and its staff profit from the many advantages that these laws have to offer by increasing understanding of the rationale and goals behind various laws and regulations.

An organisation engages in a number of actions that fall under the category of adhering to or complying with the law, including, among other things, paying taxes and securing the appropriate permits and licences for its operations. The fundamental method for reducing an organization's risk of having to pay fines or penalties is compliance.

One way to guarantee that the company is current with all set standards and regulations is to hire a compliance specialist. Although compliance is a crucial component of good governance, it may occasionally necessitate enforcement.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of applied law and compliance from initiation to realisation with this JK Michaels Institute training course. It will give you the knowledge, expertise, and experience you need to not only play a significant role in ensuring that your organisation complies with industry standards, but also the self-assurance you need to participate in defining those standards or influencing relevant decision-making.

You will be able to maximise the advantages that these laws and policies have to offer by understanding rules and regulations as well as pertinent policies in-depth thanks to the knowledge and abilities you acquire via this course.

Additionally, it will enable you to take on leadership roles that have an impact on your coworkers and the overall direction of your organisation, giving you a bigger stage on which to showcase your skills and abilities and encourage further development.

Lagos Ikeja - 14 Odeniran close, Opebi. May 20 - 24 May, 2024
Lagos Ikeja - 14 Odeniran close, Opebi., Lagos State, Nigeria 12 - 16 Aug, 2024
Lagos Ikeja - 14 Odeniran close, Opebi., Lagos State, Nigeria 11 - 15 Nov, 2024
NGN 750,000.00
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