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Building and Developing Productive People

By: GODP Consulting

Lagos State, Nigeria

22 - 23 Feb, 2024  2 day

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NGN 156,600

Venue: Kosofe L.G.A of Lagos State

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The success of a company and its ability to maintain its competitive edge depends fundamentally on the talent of its people and leadership. Effective People Skills are crucial to personal and business success. Learn to develop highly effective business relationships, enhance your emotional intelligence, and improve your ability to influence and engage with people more effectively. More than ever before, personal success comes down to the capacity to work with others to get things done.

Learn skills that would transform you into a productive team manager, team lead, and professional. You will gain an advantage in:

  • Inter-personal and communication skills
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Thinking skills
  • Problem-solving skills  

Let our experts show you how to get the best from your responsibilities; we have helped over 2,000 professionals achieve Mastery.

Training Objectives

  • Understand your emotional intelligence, motivational influencers, and communication pattern to establish a personal leadership style
  • Learn how to apply or adapt your style to meet specific challenges
  • Learn how to get the best from yourself, your task, and your resources
  • Gain an understanding of how to manage the conditions that drive team performance
  • Acquire the requisite mindset and frameworks to think strategically and solve problems
  • Take charge of your professional development as you navigate the challenges of transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader etc.

Course Outline

Personal Effectiveness

  • Defining Objectives
  • Planning Cycle
  • Busy people vs. Productive people
  • Time management
  • Prioritizing
  • Delegation
  • How to say No

Effective Communication Skills

  • Reasons for Miscommunication
  • Communication Process
    • Encoding
      • Verbal
      • Non-verbal
      • Drawing up Message
      • Impact of verbal and nonverbal communication on encoding
    • Channel
    • Decoding
    • The Art and Act of Listening
  • Communication and Culture
  • Importance of Effective communication
  • Eliminating barriers
  • Analyze basic behavioral patterns Introduction
    • Identifying behavioral styles
    • Possible responses to behavioral styles
    • Dealing with different behavioral styles
    • Managing behavioral styles
    • Resolving conflicts

Building relationships and teams

  • Team building process
  • Essential building blocks for teams
    • The POPCI fundamentals for effective teams (Purpose, Organization, Process, Culture & Influence)
    • Building productive relationships with others
    • Techniques for influencing others
    • Techniques for building rapport with different personalities
    • The Team Leader as a facilitator, mediator & negotiator
    • Developing high-performance teams

Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Overview: Problems, mind sets and problem solving
    • Problem Identification
    • Root cause analysis
    • Problem environment: stakeholder analysis
    • Defining the problem (SMART)
      • Eight Essentials to Defining a Problem
    • Data collection
    • Converging and selecting the cause to focus
      • Decision grids
      • Cost benefit analysis
      • Pareto analysis
      • Multi-voting
    • Problem Solving in Action
  • Model – Decision Strategies
  • Eight disciplines of solving problems
  • Effective Behaviour in Decision making
  • Solutions: generating ideas
  • Designing solutions
  • Decision making
Kosofe L.G.A of Lagos State Feb 22 - 23 Feb, 2024
NGN 156,600.00(Classroom Fee)
NGN 117,445.00(Online Fee)
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Seun Akinyelu

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