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Integrated Registry, Records, and Archives Management Course

By: Francis Consulting

State, Nigeria

06 - 09 Aug, 2024  4 days

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NGN 300,000

Venue: Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja

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Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja, State, Nigeria 04 - 07 Nov, 2024 NGN300000

This course seeks to capacitate registry officials and records management practitioners to be proactive in their approach of managing records. Thus, they should learn to develop and implement tools and instruments that seeks to gain control of records from creation until disposal. A file plan, a disaster plan, information security plan, and an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution are critical tools that can serve this purpose; hence they are the focus of this Course.

An organization’s recordkeeping system should consist of all resources, policies, procedures, and guidelines around which filing is organized. Unfortunately, records management efforts in most organizations have remained stagnant over the years. This can largely be attributed to the fact that records management practices have been characterized by a “collector’s approach”, thus, records management practitioners are sitting idle awaiting for records to be transferred to their custody when no longer required by the creating business unit. This reactive approach has compromised the quality of recordkeeping systems within organizations. In all operations and functional areas, the standard of continuous improvement and learning is becoming the norm around the world. Records Management should not be any different.

Objective of the Course

After attending this course delegates will be able-

  • To distinguish between a record and a document
  • To distinguish between different types of records
  • Understand the legislative framework for records management
  • To understand different types of filing system
  • To understand the record lifecycle concept
  • Develop and use a file plan
  • Develop and use a records control schedule
  • Implement an effective filing system
  • To develop a records inventory
  • To systematically dispose records in line with the law
  • Implement basic technological tools to manage records
  • Understand the concept of integrated electronic document and records management system

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for individuals working in HR and Registry and other staff interested in records management.

Training Methodology

Our diverse instructional approaches ensure effective learning:

– Lectures and Presentations: Engage with expert-driven, stimulating content.
– Course Material: Access well-crafted supporting resources.
– Group Work: Collaborate on discussions and case studies for practical insights.
– Workshops and Role-Play: Participate in immersive, scenario-based activities.
– Practical Application: Focus on applying theoretical knowledge in real situations.
– Post-Training Support: Receive extensive support after training for skill implementation.

Course Contents

Day one

Introducing records management

  • What is a record?
  • Differences between a record and a document
  • Differences between records management, information management, and knowledge management
  • The lifecycle of a record
  • Different categories of records
  • Records management terminology
  • The benefits of sound records management
  • The Regulatory Framework for Records Management

Different types of filing system: Part 1

  • Subject-based filing system
  • Project-based filing system
  • Alphabetical arrangement

Different types of filing system: Part 2

  • Client/Customer arrangement
  • Number (ID number, account number) arrangement
  • Geography (city, county, state, region, country, continent, planet, etc.) arrangement

Understanding the various types of records and how they are managed

  • Identifying the various forms of records in an organisation and how each is managed
  • Understanding the implications of not keeping public records in case they are lost
  • Managing records as a basis for an effective delivery service.

Day 2

Designing a file plan

  • Origin of a File Plan
  • Composition of a File Plan
  • Attributes of an Effective File Plan
  • Basic Requirements of a Good File Plan
  • Necessity of an Effective File Plan
  • NARS Standards

Using a file plan to manage correspondence records

  • Differences between a subject filing system and a case filing systems
  • Using a file plan to classify records
  • Using a file plan to describe records
  • Using a file plan to arrange records

Designing and using a records control schedule to manage “Other” records: Part 1

  • Schedule of paper-based records
  • Schedule of electronic records

Designing and using a records control schedule to manage “Other” records: Part 2

  • Schedule of audio-visual material
  • Schedule of micro-graphic records

Managing an effective Registry system

  • Registry: to centralize or not to centralize
  • Physical location of a registry
  • Lay-out of a registry
  • Services rendered by the Registry
  • The duties of different registry officials

Prerequisites for the implementation of a file plan:

  • Determining the Management Model
  • Developing supporting policies and procedures
  • Developing records standards
  • Securing resources
  • Circulating the procedures, standards, and the file plan
  • Conducting a change management and training programme
  • Gaining control of your terminated records

Managing an office-based filing systems A(sP, Office Managers/Administrators, Secretaries):

  • Classifying your records
  • Creating File Categories
  • Subcategorizing
  • Colour Coding
  • Label Making
  • Filling Your Drawer
  • Archiving your records

Day 3

Control registers and a good filing system

  • Types of control registers
  • The benefits of control registers
  • Formats of control registers

Compiling a list of records (Records Inventory)

  • Why develop a records inventory?
  • Steps in developing a records inventory
  • Records Inventory Formats

Day 4

Developing a Records Management Policy

  • Why develop a Policy on Records Management
  • Template for a RM Policy
  • Key elements of a Records Management Policy Provisions

The Protection of Records

  • What is information security
  • Why information Security
  • Risks associated with records
  • Security measures for physical records
  • Security controls for electronic records

Appraisal and disposal of Records:

  • The National Archives and the disposal of records
  • The 3 types of disposal authorities
  • When to appraise records?
  • Who should appraise records?
  • When to dispose records
  • How to dispose records-National Archives Procedures

Introduction to Integrated Electronic Document and Records Management Systems

  • What is Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  • What is Electronic Records Management System (ERMS)
  • What is Electronic Records Management System (EDRMS)
  • What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System
  • Electronic documents and records management systems functionality
  • The advantages of managing records electronically
  • The risks associated with managing records electronically
  • The best implementation approaches
Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja Aug 06 - 09 Aug, 2024
Lap New World Hotel Jabi Abuja, State, Nigeria 04 - 07 Nov, 2024
NGN 300,000.00
NGN 300,000.00
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Dr Francis Okereke +2348035062583

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