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Training on Grant Proposal Development and Stakeholder Management

By: Cynet East Africa Consultancy


12 - 16 Aug, 2024  5 days

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USD 1,050

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Venue: Mombasa

Other Dates

Venue Date Fee  
Nairobi, Kenya 15 - 19 Jul, 2024 USD1050
Nairobi, Kenya 23 - 27 Sep, 2024 USD1050
Mombasa, Kenya 28 Oct - 01 Nov, 2024 USD1050
Nairobi, Kenya 02 - 06 Dec, 2024 USD1050
Mombasa, Kenya 27 - 31 Jan, 2025 USD1050

In today's competitive landscape, securing funding through successful grant proposals is essential for organizations striving to make a positive impact. Effective management of grants is a critical task within Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), State Corporations, and other institutions funded by donors. The primary objective for most teams is to utilize their limited resources in the most optimal and efficient manner to achieve the greatest possible impact. This course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and strategies needed to craft compelling grant proposals that stand out and effectively engage stakeholders. The participants will gain insights into the key elements of grant writing, including needs assessment, project design, budgeting, and evaluation. Additionally, participants will learn effective stakeholder management techniques to build strong relationships with funders, partners, and community members, ensuring alignment of goals and maximizing project impact.


•Equip participants with comprehensive knowledge of grant proposal development principles and techniques.
•Enhance participants' ability to craft compelling and persuasive grant proposals that effectively communicate project goals and objectives.
•Provide participants with practical skills in needs assessment, project design, budgeting, and evaluation within the context of grant proposal development and grants management cycle.
•Develop participants' understanding of stakeholder management strategies to effectively engage funders, partners, and community members.


Module 1: Introduction to Grant Proposal Development

•What is Grant and Proposal Writing?
•International Donor Funding Agencies
•Principles of International Donor Funding
•Understanding the grant-seeking process
•Importance of grant funding for organizations
•Overview of grant proposal components

Module 2: Overview of Grant Cycle

•Grant Identification and Pre-Award Phase
•Grant Application and Submission
•Grant Review and Evaluation
•Grant Award and Contracting
•Grant Implementation and Monitoring
•Grant Reporting and Compliance
•Grant Closeout and Evaluation

Module 3: Structuring Grant Proposals

•Title Page
•Detailed Proposal
•Description of the Project
•Project Objectives

Module 4: Needs Assessment and Project Design

•Conducting a thorough needs assessment
•Defining project goals and objectives
•Developing a project plan and timeline

Module 5: Grants Budgeting, Financial Management and Reporting

•Basics of budgeting for grant proposals
•Creating a detailed budget narrative
•Allocating funds effectively to meet project needs

Module 6: Stakeholder Identification and Engagement

•Identifying key stakeholders in grant projects
•Developing a stakeholder engagement plan
•Building effective relationships with funders, partners, and community members

Module 7: Sourcing International Donor Funding

•Key facts about Donors
•Exploring Partnerships
•Developing Networking
•Mobilizing Funding
•Identifying Worldwide Donors
•Youth Empowerment Grants
•Assignment: How and why you should improve your organization’s grant and proposal writing capacity?

Module 8: Stakeholder Communication and Management

•Effective communication strategies for stakeholders
•Managing stakeholder expectations and feedback
•Addressing conflicts and challenges in stakeholder relationships

Module 9: Grant Proposal Submission and Follow-Up

•Preparing for grant proposal submission
•Following up on submitted proposals
•Strategies for dealing with rejection and reapplying for funding

Module 10: Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

•Assessing the success of grant-funded projects
•Collecting and analyzing feedback from stakeholders
•Implementing changes and improvements based on evaluation results


Upon successful completion of the training, participants will be awarded Cynet East Africa Consultancy certificate of course completion.


Training will be faciliated by Cynet East Africa Consultancy seasoned trainers.


Mombasa Aug 12 - 16 Aug, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya 15 - 19 Jul, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya 23 - 27 Sep, 2024
Mombasa, Kenya 28 Oct - 01 Nov, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya 02 - 06 Dec, 2024
Mombasa, Kenya 27 - 31 Jan, 2025

Registration: 09:00:am - 04:00:am

USD 1,050.00
USD 1,050.00
USD 1,050.00
USD 1,050.00
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Janet Cherono/Nancy Kemunto +254 792 972525/+254 204401089

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