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Emotional Excellence (EI): The Base for Honing Human Resource (HR) Professional Competencies Course

By: Newways Consulting

Lagos State, Nigeria

13 - 15 Dec, 2022  3 days

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NGN 145,000

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Venue: Lagos

Other Dates

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Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 24 - 26 Jan, 2023 NGN145000
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 23 - 25 May, 2023 NGN145000
Abuja , Lagos State, Nigeria 15 - 17 Aug, 2023 NGN145000
Lagos, State, Nigeria 10 - 12 Oct, 2023 NGN145000

Human Resource (HR) professionals in today’s organizations are more than technical or subject matter experts. They are counsellors, communicators, presenters, and problem solvers. This course is a logical continuation of the Effectiveness made in our 'Interpersonal Skills for HR Professionals' course.  Although the course complements the competencies developed in the first course, it will be of significant value even if taken on its own;

Course objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of Emotional Excellence (EI) to HR professionals and apply simple techniques to develop their emotional quotients
  • Deliver balanced and well-structured public speeches with ease and confidence after learning how to deal with public speaking anxiety and subduing its effects
  • Describe the differences between influencing and persuading and use best techniques in applying them in HR work related situations
  • Apply effective creative problem-solving techniques that will help them make the right decisions at work
  • Use various budgeting techniques and apply them immediately in HR related scenarios

Course outlines

  • Emotional excellence (EI): the base for honing HR professional competencies
  • Definition of emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • The importance of EI for HR professionals
  • Developing EI competencies
  • Daily applications in the HR environment
  • Public speeches and presentations
  • Purpose and objectives, different types
  • Structure of presentations
  • The skeleton of an effective speech
  • Powerful openings
  • Previews and transitions
  • Substance or key points
  • Reviews and closing
  • Supporting your speech
  • Public speaking anxiety and how to deal with it
  • Style of presenting
  • Body positioning, hand movement, eye contact, dress and appearance
  • Mannerisms, verbal tics, verbal variety and pauses
  • Persuasion and influencing
  • Definition of persuasion and influencing
  • Steven Covey's circle of influence and circle of concern
  • HR application of persuasion and influencing
  • The different techniques of influence and persuasion
  • Use of techniques for different business and HR situations
  • Creative problem solving and decision making
  • Scanning, analysis, responses and assessment
  • The problem-solving cycle
  • Creative problem solving methods and overcoming barriers
  • Link between problem solving and decision making
  • The 6-step process to decision making
  • Performance measurement
  • Trend analysis
  • Common size financial statements
  • Techniques of operational budgeting
  • Importance of budgeting
  • Methods’ of budgeting
  • Incremental budgets
  • Zero based budgeting
  • Participative budgeting
  • Budgets as a control mechanism

Who should attend?

Human resource professionals or those who are about to start a career in HR as administrators, officers or specialists. The program is also beneficial for experienced officers and managers in HR who wish to update their knowledge and skills about the latest techniques in the various behavioral competencies.


The program uses a discussion-based approach in addressing the various topics covered combined with round table discussions, presentations, exercises, and role plays.

Lagos Dec 13 - 15 Dec, 2022
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 24 - 26 Jan, 2023
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 23 - 25 May, 2023
Abuja , Lagos State, Nigeria 15 - 17 Aug, 2023
Lagos, State, Nigeria 10 - 12 Oct, 2023
NGN 145,000.00(The program fees covers tuition, Course Materials, Tea/Coffee Break, Lunch, Bag, Certificate of participation and administration)
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Dr Chris Egbu +2348023194131

Organizations sponsoring two staff will get 10% discount, Three - Five will get 15% discount, Six - Ten will get 20% discount and Payment before two weeks to event date attracts 5% discount. You can also consider the option of having this training in-house or online at 40% discount and 5 free e-books
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