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Strategic Management Retreat for Top Executives (Plus Motivation and Coaching Issues) Course

By: Fontini Consulting Ltd

State, Nigeria

16 - 19 Sep, 2024  4 days

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NGN 525,000

Venue: Uyo Akwa Ibom

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Venue Date Fee  
Portharcourt Rivers State, State, Nigeria 25 - 28 Nov, 2024 NGN525000

The strategic management retreats offer effective off-site business review, planning, and problem-solving sessions away from daily work distractions. Retreats provide a more relaxed and innovative thinking environment for better collaboration, brain storming, and decision-making. The strategic retreats are a unique mix of facilitation, consulting and executive action-learning sessions.

The sessions are facilitated by a business expert who will bring together the management team, ask questions to stimulate and validate their planning and provide new insights. As an independent outside advisor, the strategic retreat facilitator provides objective validation of assumptions, thinking processes and solutions. The facilitator is a skilled management consultant with strong understanding of business management, leadership styles and team dynamics.

Strategic Management Retreat Objectives

Strategic management retreats help CEOs and organization leaders to address executive questions and challenges like the following:

  • We came up with a new vision/strategy, but is it a practical fit for our organization/market? How to implement it on the ground level?
  • We decided to create a new organizational direction/structure/culture. We need expert support to launch this new organization-wide initiative, help accelerate its development and overcome the resistance to change
  • I'm not happy with our growth rate; all I get is excuses. What can we do to make it happen?
  • We need to overcome communication and collaboration barriers and develop better alignment and cross-organizational teamwork. We need an experience facilitator with good diplomacy skills
  • Developing top talent is a strategic priority; I have these bright new managers that I want to develop to the next level. I need someone to coach them on executive and leadership skills.
  • I need an independent expert to support the development and execution of an effective transition of a merger or acquisition project
  • Everyone has his own interest, agenda and version of what is right for this organization. I need an external and objective view to validate our planning results
  • The market, technology and organizations are changing so quickly and were not keeping up. We are so busy fighting to keep our customers that we need a fresh perspective to contribute to or validate our new strategic plan.
  • We are about to make a major investment decision. We need to validate our assumptions and decision-making process
  • I want to achieve max ROI from our business units; through business model optimization, technology and process innovations or reengineering, but I do not want to pay a lot of money for a team of external consultants. We know our organization well, so what we need is an independent facilitator to help guide our efforts
  • There seems to be a gap between our continuously escalating technology budgets and our business returns. How can I align IT/Technology investment with business objectives?
  • We do not have enough time or resources to solve this problem. I need an expert to help answer the critical questions of what, why, who, when, where and how
  • I need an expert to help my team establish a standard benchmark for executive performance and development measurements

Strategic Management Retreats Duration:

This strategic retreat sessions will span about 2 weeks and can be followed up by breakout consulting and/or coaching sessions, if needed.

Strategic Management Retreats Deliverables:

In this unique setting, the strategic retreats will:

  • Ensure the team understands and agrees on the vision and direction
  • Develop an action plan that addresses existing or emerging challenges and opportunities
  • Improve team performance through facilitation, communication and collaboration sessions

Strategic Management Retreats Process:

Our consultant will:

  • Understand the goals of the meeting
  • Agree on team needs, session objectives, agenda, duration and fees
  • Facilitate learning and provide independent validation of group strategy
  • Bridge communication and thinking gaps to create consensus for group direction and plans
  • Navigate trouble areas and propose solutions to overcome challenges

Your team will:

  • Attend the sessions; learn, brainstorm, work and collaborate together
  • Deliver an action plan to leverage the new opportunities and/or overcome the challenges
  • Receive remote or onsite follow-up support sessions (Optional)
Uyo Akwa Ibom Sep 16 - 19 Sep, 2024
Portharcourt Rivers State, State, Nigeria 25 - 28 Nov, 2024
NGN 525,000.00
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