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Training on Project Financial Management for Non-Financial Professionals

By: Devimpact Institute


04 - 08 Dec, 2023  5 days

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USD 950

Venue: Nairobi

Other Dates

Venue Date Fee  
Nairobi , Kenya 15 - 19 Jan, 2024 USD950.00
Nairobi , Kenya 12 - 16 Feb, 2024 USD950.00
Nairobi , Kenya 26 Feb - 01 Mar, 2024 USD950.00
Nairobi , Kenya 11 - 15 Mar, 2024 USD950.00

In any organization, the finance function plays a key role in developing business and determining service or product costs. Proper financial management assists the organization in effectively and efficiently utilizing its limited resources to achieve its objectives. Non-financial managers are also involved in managing finance for their business functions, hence the need for them to acquire the requisite financial skills.

This training on project financial management for non-financial professionals aims to equip the non-financial managers with knowledge of core financial principles and improve their financial decision making in this ever-changing business environment. This course will help managers understand how the decisions they make will affect the financial performance of their organization.

Target Participant

This training on project financial management for non-financial professionals is designed for managers who are not from a financial or accounting background but whose role involves financial decision making. This course is ideal for managers who want to acquire skills in financial processes.

What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the sources and availability of finance for an organization.
  • Understand relevant financial information within the organization.
  • Plan, develop, implement, and control budget.
  • Analyze financial statements to understand performance.
  • Implement cash management practices.
  • Comprehend the impact of various business decisions on the organization’s performance.

Course Duration

Online     7 Days

Classroom-based      5 Days

Course Outline

Introduction to Financial Management in NGOs

  • What is financial management?
  • Importance of financial management in projects
  • The finance function and its relationship with other business functions
  • Project financial management cycle
  • Good practice systems: the building blocks of financial management
  • Key supporting policies and standards

Project Financial Planning and Project Budgeting

  • The Financial planning processes.
  • Functions and types of budgets in projects
  • Practical approaches to building good project budgets.
  • Donor budget regulations/requirements
  • Budget change/modifications

Cash Flow Management

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Consolidated budgets and budgeting for core costs
  • Elements of cash flow
  • Cash Vs Profit
  • Managing cash
  • Bank Accounts management
  • Project payments supporting documents.

Cost Management

  • Use of cost data in decision making
  • Types of Costs
  • Elements of Cost
  • Cost Structures and Methods – Costing services and products
  • Procurement
  • Project cost allocations
  • Admin cost allocations

Financial Reporting in Projects

  • Importance of Financial Reporting
  • Principles and Objectives of Financial Accounting
  • Types of Accounts
  • Financial Statements; Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement

Measuring Finance Performance

  • Introduction to financial Analysis
  • Steps in financial analysis
  • Sources of data for financial analysis
  • Financial ratios
  • Budget monitoring
  • Cash flow monitoring

Earned Value Management

  • Introduction to Earned Value Analysis
  • Earned Value Calculations
  • Application of EVM analysis in project performance monitoring
  • Value for Money in Projects

Internal Control Systems

  • Organization financial management policies
  • Role of audit
  • Financial fraud
  • Financial spending cross approvals
  • Risk Management in Project Financial Management
  • Due diligence in grants management

Training Approach

Training on project financial management for non-financial professionals’ course is delivered by our seasoned trainers who have vast experience as expert professionals in financial management. The course is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group work and case studies.

Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate on project financial management.

Tailor-Made Course

We can also do this as a tailor-made course to meet organization-wide training needs. A training needs assessment will be done on the training participants to collect data on the existing skills, knowledge gaps, training expectations and tailor-made needs.


Nairobi Dec 04 - 08 Dec, 2023
Nairobi , Kenya 15 - 19 Jan, 2024
Nairobi , Kenya 12 - 16 Feb, 2024
Nairobi , Kenya 26 Feb - 01 Mar, 2024
Nairobi , Kenya 11 - 15 Mar, 2024

Registration: 00:00:am - 00:00:am

Class Session: 08:30:am - 04:00:am

USD 950.00 + 47.50 (VAT)(Classroom-based)
USD 600.00 + 30.00 (VAT)(Online)
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Devimpact Institute +254714349537

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