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Communication Skills for Supervisors

By: Learnway Africa

Lagos State, Nigeria

13 - 17 Nov, 2023  5 days

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NGN 180,000

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Venue: Lagos

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Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 04 - 08 Dec, 2023 NGN180000

These days technologies improve at an enormous rate. With the improvements comes up various alternative possibilities to communicate. However, even with these possibilities our communication skills do not improve as people do not put enough effort to them. For this reason, we cannot achieve maximum potential of a group work and our productivity decreases. So how can we improve our communication abilities to achieve good project management skills?

This Communication Skills for Supervisors course is designed to enhance the communication abilities of individuals in supervisory roles. Effective communication is a critical skill for supervisors as it enables them to articulate goals, provide feedback, resolve conflicts, and motivate their team members effectively. This course provides supervisors with the essential tools and techniques necessary to communicate confidently and efficiently in the workplace.

By the end of this course, participants will have developed a strong foundation in communication skills, enabling them to establish effective relationships with their team members, address conflicts, provide constructive feedback, and motivate individuals towards achieving common goals. Through interactive discussions, case studies, role-playing, and practical exercises, participants will gain the confidence and competence necessary to excel in their supervisory roles.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this 5 days intensive programme, participants will learn various communication strategies, both verbal and non-verbal, to build rapport, convey information clearly, and foster positive relationships with their team members. The course will also emphasize active listening skills, which are crucial for understanding employee concerns, addressing issues, and promoting an inclusive work environment.  This course will also equip supervisors with the ability to:

  • Know how to assess the audience.
  • Learn how to use correct language and write for impact.
  • Know non-verbal factors.
  • Communicate for various results.
  • Practice listening
  • Discuss ways to create an open communication climate.
  • Recognize effective speaking practices.
  • Recognize effective listening practices.
Lagos Nov 13 - 17 Nov, 2023
Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria 04 - 08 Dec, 2023
NGN 180,000.00
USD 600.00
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Rosemary Okonkwo +2348037119334

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Learnway Faculty

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